A proposal to balance tower rushes


  • They have too much armor once building has started.
    It takes a town center to destory a single outpost in 20 minutes from the start of building.

  • Vills have too much HP/armor to take down quickly enough to stop building.
    A single scout just can’t stop an outpost by killing the builder.


  • Negative armor to all buildings until they’re finished. I think all units should deal bonus fire damage or bonus arrow damage until finished. I think buildings, in general, are easily built from the start. Yes I know siege in late game evaporates it but enemies should be able to contest if they have a large army even without siege.

  • Increase build time. A scout should be able to kill a single vill building an outpost. It just looks weird to have someone on a horse slashing a villager in the back only to tickle their HP then proceeding to have the villager garrisoning their self in the outpost

Right now, I think it’s okay to have cheese strats to punish players who don’t scout ahead. That said, outposts (towers) are nearly hard to stop once the building has started.


Maybe make villager or building, unable to build when under attack, it should solve the problem.

In AOE3,players cannot build buildings near enemy player’s first TC.
Tower Rush just like Previous version Mongolian civilization TC Rush


Not a good idea, player can spam scouts in the first age to prevent your development, rus should be very happy

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Now, you are talking about something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that you can’t build villager, when you build a scout, already balance alot the game.

Maybe allow arrows to make scout unable to attack.

Like this, players can safely build close tow town center or a upgraded tower.

Players previously used tower to prevent opponents from collecting resources and inhibit their development to win the game.
And now,if only need the scouts to attack the villagers, the villagers cannot build buildings or produce other troops. What is the use of the resources collected by the opponent? The game will become the Age of Scouts
In addition, it only takes about five villagers to collect food continuously produce scouts
If the arrow can prevent the scouts to attack, the player only needs to change to other early units. The result is the same.
But another kind of XXX Rush

Well there is way to stop them.

I open with 2 scouts in every game for a reason.

Information + more sheep and it helps against tower rushes.

Once tower is scouted its easy to pull multiple villagers and start building your own tower. This basically stops the initial tower because if they keep building and you finish your tower first the villager is as good as dead. But this isn’t going to work if you got no information what enemy plans to do.

Also 2 scouts can easily take out any villager that runs across the map.

The reason why tower rush is effective is because players are not paying attention and scouting properly.

Even if first tower gets up. Its not end of game because then you can just move to different location to farm resources. It only becomes issue when player lets opponent put multiple towers and block you from getting anything.

I hardly experience any tower rushes even against mongols but this is in 2v2.

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That is why Mongols have + 60% in 1vs1 at medium / high levels, because they do not explore properly.

The most annoying thing about the Mongol tower rush is the ability to make many units with the ovoo that allow you to continue building towers that are cheap. Even if you stop it, the Mongol has the ability to recover well.

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What you said is wrong, the mongol trusher will rush you with pik as well so it’s basicly imposible to kill the vill. And if you respond by build your own tower, he can cansel his tower and build it at an other place, something you can’t do because if you do that, the mongol will receive the 100 res bonus.

The reason why trush is good with mongol is because they don’t need house (wood save), their tower cost 70w instead of 100 (an other wood save), they can train their units 2/2, they have their building destruction bonus, and the khan is just a way better than a scout.
It’s basicly 5 bonus with great synergie earlie stage, in comparison some civ have no bonus at all. And it’s their follow up is pretty strong as well, it’s not even all in.


I liked the national borders of Rise of Nations.

National Borders are the bold lines at the outline of your particular color on the map. They symbolize the end of your territory; you cannot build outside of your territory (with the exception of the Lakota if the area is not controlled by any opposing nation).

To expand your territory, you need to build cities or Forts close to your borders. Once the city is completed, your borders increase in that particular area. If the entire map is occupied by other nations, you have to either ally with a specific nation to construct additional buildings outside your territory or resort to war.

Mongols could work like the Lakota, and the expansion of the borders could be through Town Centers, Keeps and Outposts. I feel like this system is more natural than the AoE3 one and the current limit of the Mongol TC.

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You do understand that 1 villager that was pulled to do the tower rush costs 50 food + 40 resources per minute.

Which one is better. Letting mongol to tower up to each of your resources or stop it by having your own towers?

So if the villager is trying to tower rush you for 10mins thats 400 resources lost which is 4 towers. Meanwhile your villagers are building things a lot less time meaning resource lost is less

Im not sying mongol tower rush isn’t strong because it is, but the elo we vast majority players are we can still deal with it and I only told how I deal with it and you go and say “its wrong” Lmoa

You act like game is over if mongol tries to tower rush. Lol Do you ever blame yourself for playing situation poorly and not thinking “hey maybe I need to try this and it may work” instead “BOHOOO THIZ ZO ZTRONG CANT DEFEAT IT”

Why does it have 63-64% win rate at high elo? Why was it always banned in the tournament? Because their tower rush is extremely busted as of now. Mongol abusers always say “It’s not op because it can be countered”. Sure it can be countered, but it’s so much easier to do a successful tower rush with mongols than it is to defend against. It’s op because it requires minimal effort to do but high effort to defend against.

Didn’t I say its strong? It is strong.

Also Im no mongol player. I solely play one civ which is chinese.

But point is we lower elo player which is vast majority of us do not have to look exactly what works at high elo because high elo players do less mistakes and got way better control than us. This applies to mongols too. So you need to look for mistake / deny their chance to get tower up it might just be that mongol doesn’t have proper follow up and is only capable of doing the tower rush

Hello, The only Chinese player, who never played 1vs1 against Mongols

The mongol can cancel tower anytime which saves full cost of the tower. So your counter-tower will do nothing.

To prevent mongols tower to be build, u have to finish your tower earlier → mongol cancel tower and go to another spot → you do not have resources to build a new one.
On top of that, Khan has range attack(it can solo deny gold or berries) + ovo allow to mass pikes easily.

You need to try yourself play against Mongols first, before giving “advices”.
Which will never work because you even did not understand mechanic of tower rush.

Hello stalker. How is your delusions today? Having fun?

AW geez I wish I had known that. Seems like I have been towering up for no reason, better let the mongol towers to get up and just let mongol contain me to my base while unable to gather resources

geez what a amazing tip thank you mr stalker.

Oh geez another thing that I didnt know man you’re generous to give all these free tips. Im road to 5k elo as mongol player now. Thank you so much

On serious note. You should just stfu :slight_smile: If you want mongol to have way with your game and resources then do nothing which seems your suggestion. But hey everyone with their style. If you dont want deal with mongols in A way then use the B way or C. Honestly idc. No shuush its illegal to stalk someone. watch out or mongols take you away.

Idk what to say guy, 100% of the very top are agree to say mongol is broken as ■■■■. Statistic themself said mongol is broken af, 64% winrate is not “too strong” it’s super broken, even at 800 elo mongol has like 53% (not bad for a “difficult” civ to play), at my elo (1400) their winrate is arround 61% (which is insanely op).

When i read your comments, i am thinking “this guy is like all of those climatosceptic, they don’t care about evidence, about rational things”, so i wont wast my time trying to convainc someone which can’t be.

Yes you can do certain things to improve your chances of winning, actually win against the strategy but also become heavily behind.

You can use two scouts and delay the villager but they will just be escorted by pikes. Below video with Viper also shows that a tower can just sit in range of the TC without dying for almost 20 minutes (easily built by a single villager). Denying resources of your opponent at such a low cost to the mongol player does seem extremely strong. Arguably Mongols are already ahead in resources with no need to build or gather wood for houses, cheaper towers and then the stone double production. Sending out two villagers early doesn’t appear to hurt them at all, especially since you went two scouts (one villager down). Then there is the free respawning Khan and free abilities.

Then there are the high level player views and mongol win rate at all levels but also most popular banned civ in tournaments (?). I don’t think someone who doesn’t play 1v1 or any other civ can help them wriggle out of that one. The ‘caught with pants down defence’ is starting to remind me of the Chewbacca Defence from South Park.

I am once again convinced by Grubby’s balanced honest views, particularly around 5 minutes:

When they actually get round to balancing the game again, I think the chances are high that there will be some tweaks that affect the tower rush probably geared towards mongols.

Lol so thats your issue that I dont use same terms as you. Ok dude.

I must also say one thing, you have to be careful when trying to nerf a civilization. Nor is it a plan to render it inoperative in competitive play. It seeks to balance, not revenge.

Ofc, i am just responding to someone trying very hard to defend mongol. I know you come from aoe3, the current mongole is stronger than RE iro and india, and from my understending, devs wont nerf mongol but buff all others to make them as strong as mongol (which is not a bad idea but … a lot of work is needed)