A question for Random Map Scripters

Hello everyone

I have a question regarding random map scripts.

I always used invicible objects (ID 1291) as a placeholder to create trees directly on shores.
For example:

#const PLACEHOLDER 1291

create_object PLACEHOLDER
second_object DLC_AUTUMNTREE
number_of_groups 8
number_of_objects 1
temp_min_distance_group_placement 0
min_distance_to_players 9
terrain_to_place_on DLC_GRAVELBEACH

Now the problem:

Since the last update i noticed, that these placeholder objects now convert sheeps back to gaia.
Has someone an idea how to fix that? Maybe some other placeholder object which i don’t know or some other workarounds?

big thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, there are some other placeholders that can be used instead. Come join the RMS discord to get faster answers to your questions.

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oh yes very gladly! :slight_smile: