A real nomad civilization

So, just some thoughts about a real nomad civ.

First, this though process isn’t focused on balance, more on “what would an actual nomad civ” look like? So, to start with, nomads are exactly that. Nomads. They don’t have a set base. They might have access to outposts, and a way to defend villagers… but not static defenses. They also should not feel pain from having structures destroyed (they might even destroy their own structures)

So, what does a nomad civ look like?

  1. This civ does not care about its structures being destroyed. So, drawing inspiration from the mongol tech nomads, this civ does not lose population cap when houses are destroyed.

  2. This civ does not have a central location to attack. That means no town center. :open_mouth: This civ does all of its upgrades through the mill instead. The mill, the lumbercamp, and the mining camp can all produce villagers.

  3. This civ has 100% (or more) returns on investment when a structure is destroyed or deleted. If you burn their barracks, they just get free wood.

  4. This civ’s structures are easy to destroy. Really low hp low armor structures that can be destroyed easily.

  5. This civ has no access to fortifications. No fortress walls. No towers. No castles (we will get to that in a minute) Only palisades and outposts.

  6. This civ has a tent in place of a castle. Only one of them can be built, and it can only create units. It can’t fire on the enemy. It is defenseless. That said, if you tear it down, you can easily erect it elsewhere.

  7. This civ DOES have a wonder. However, it is flimsy, and easy to destroy. Goodluck trying to defend it.

  8. This civ has access to really good cavalry archers and steppe lancers. Also, they have really good monks, and their hussars are top notch. They have good fishing ships and good hunters, but are terrible at farming.

  9. This civ has a really good or a really bad lategame. They cannot defend to save their lives. Best they can do is harrass the oncoming line. The catch is that they have passive income, strong vision, and amazingly agile and quick troops. In a team game, they can be broken. One v. one, thre right strategy can leave them powerless.

This is a civ I want to play. It does not exist… but i want to play it.

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Mongols in aoe4. Just have to wait a few months. Aoe2 is too symmetrical for these type of mechanics.


Sounds really OP… imo could work if the training time is reaally slow… like 75 secs for vil

Really OP too. I saw a conquerors mode where buildings can pack to a big cart and unpack in another location. It fits better imo with a nomad civ

They still have a TC though.

To be truly nomad you should not have farms instead have some other way to collect food like garrison sheep in a mill and it will give food overtime.Can also give the hun bonus of not needing houses and destroying enemy buildings will give resources to you(this was a feature in the vanilla game at the start).Also they can have mobile drop sites like the aom norse.

Some ideas taken from mods such as realms and chivalry that would fit this theme.

  • Receive free resources for every enemy building razed
  • Hunters, Foragers, and Fishers do not require a drop sites
  • Can create cows from Town center
  • Dropsites mobile, but less HP and armor
  • Cavalry +6 attack vs economic buildings, such as Lumber-, Mining Camp, Mill, Market, Docks and Markets
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