A really nice function

Developers can do any magic…

function to see a old patch Record Game in AOE2DE, including, voobly and old zone games…

or there is no magic in the world ?

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if i were an developer and my manager told me to implement this i would resign on the spot. this sounds like integration hell with the way it’s currently setup.

making recorded games backwards compatible from now on might be realistic.
having it work backwards for all of DE is very unlikely
going back to HD is madness

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or there is no magic in the world ?
Hate to break it to you, ### ##### games function on technology, not magic.

Edit: Apparently even quotes are broken now. @DodoNotDoDo, this is becoming a major issue.

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I really don’t think it is hard.

You just append the voobly game engine and the HD game engine into the DE game files.

negative nancys

you need to append two game engines, and all balance changes. that would introduce tons of bugs and bloat the file size of the game.
if you want to watch HD games in the HD engine, you can simply go and watch them in HD

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As far as I know of the replay system, it’s essentially recreating the entire game with the settings and actions taken. So if anything doesn’t add up, the game will be played out differently and there’s simply too much that is different when compared to HD/Voobly, or even early patches of DE. There were some third-party programs that made it possible to watch recs of old games, but I don’t know if these still work - there was some known user who did those, right?

That is, of course, if any of that is true - there’s a 90% chance all of this information is wrong though. :upside_down_face:

I think the replay system in general could use a rework, but that is obviously a very large task for likely too small of a userbase to be worth the development time.

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