A request for chat functionalities in game and spectating

I have been hoping for there to be improvements for a long while so i am making a request on a few things i would like to be implemented/reimplimented:

  1. being able to see players chat while spectating a game
    This was and is an important feature for people like t90 who casted games and were confused why there was a pause or when casting a free for all game seeing people trying to plan alliance and attack.
  2. spectator chat
    This is a two pronged feature the first part is spectators being able to chat between each other and the second is after a games over having a way to chat to players post game. These features make the game feel like more of a community of people and is nice to have when you and a friend want to spectate a game and talk about whats going on in game without having to tab out of game. If this one specifically is implimented there will have to be a way to mute chat
  3. twitch/streaming service chat integration
    this is something that was implemented on voobly and made it easier to read chat while playing exspecially for people with only one monitor. There is also a secondary suggestion for this I’d would like to add which was another smaller voobly feature which was the ability to know if your opponent was streaming the game on twitch as it gave the streamer a none invasive way to slow accumulate a community.

If there are any other chat/streaming themed feature request feel free to add.

Also we need a way to turn off chat censorship or for it to be player centric.


Streaming integration would be awesome and help build a bigger community.

All of these features are really important, specially spectators being able to see in game chat is suuuper important! it’d definitely be really nice to see these features being added to DE and it’ll bring spectating up to par with voobly’s which would be really awesome!