A request for more Treaty maps

Hi. An average treaty player here and im quite curious as to why there aren’t enough Treaty Asian maps that are dedicated to China and Japan…And perhaps certain parts of the Americas

I am fairly interested in Shaolin and Zen Temples showing up more on Treaty maps as the asian maps are some of the least played. Also Outlaws on Japan maps like Hokkaido really spice up the fun.
Would be really awesome to see the Cree, Navajo, Mapuche and Seminoles too.
For the Africans, I kind of want to see the Somali and Sudanese lot more.

Though balance and fun factor and balance may lean toward the European and American maps on Treaty. I am still hopeful to see Treaty versions of the maps below

Asia- Yellow River, Hokkaido, Central Plains, Bengal,Punjab, Kamchatka(no natives),Manchuria, Central Asia
Africa-Nile Valley, Great Rift, Tassili
Americas-Mexico(map), Gran Chaco, Yukon , Pampas Sierra, Sonora, Amazonia(more trees)
Europe- European version of Orinoco, England, Scandanavia , Anatolia

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Why kamchatka no natives??

Because it can be one of the first Treaty maps with no Natives at all. It is more on a personal preference for me sometimes…I dont wanna my attention shifted towards TPs at all.

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Yes I hate how on Andes natives are so much gamechanging and how is the prefered map for no reason nowadays

It is not wrong to hope <3 Following up isnt a bad thing right?

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I did a thread some months ago about this, but It was ignored :frowning:

Some maps were popular at launch like mexico and dakota, they deserve it