A request to developers - vote

The Danes aren’t there yet.

I mentioned improving this mod and adjusting it accordingly so it can become a DLC. You don’t have to change what is already there. You can just use what’s good about this mod - new civilizations and maps. This would make it easier for developers to produce European DLC (they could focus on other DLCs about Asia, Africa and American natives).

  • Americans
  • Austrians
  • Danes
  • Italians
  • Poles
  • Prussians
  • Swiss
  • Persians

It sounds great. Everyone - gamers, mod makers and game producers - would benefit. Eight cool new civilizations. One American, one Asian and six European. The remaining DLC ​​could take care of other regions of the world.

Napoleonic era mod is ■■■■ as a dlc. Its for a reason a mod, it doesnt fit the theme of the game the slightest. Also really odd poll, because I dont want a mod to become a ■■■■■■ dlc, that I dont want an African dlc.

what do you think the theme of the game is

Yes to include Napoleonic civs, maps and campaigns, but not as a direct port of the mod. Just see how it’s difficult to balance Sweden.

But IMHO I would want first African and Asian civs (Safavids, Korea, Thay), with some adjustements to Asian dynasties civs to be less meme.

Age of Discovery , The control of the ocean, the struggle for colonies, Eye On The World , Black Flag , Adventure and Marine Legend.
It’s like saying sorry to conservatives that your theory doesn’t work. It’s a new era.

Corresponding to Age of Empires 2 is the Middle Ages.
If someone says that the Wild West of the United States is very unique and handsome, and they really want to join Age of Empires 2 and post the post on the forum next door, I think the response may be unfriendly.because the times do not match.

Dont get me started on how the DE developers are trying to make a different theme of it.

But the original games theme was global European colonization and trade and the nations involved with it.

And the game has already done that, to exhaustion.
Now, it need European, Asian and African maps and campaigns.

First, let us get some ACTUALLY HISTORICAL campaigns, then let us have some good old European Warfare, then let us come back to the Colonial theme a bit with at least 3 African civs, then let us do the last Asian powers of the time.

Colonial theme is done, we already get too many Americas maps, 4 Native civs, a tone of Native Minor Settlements, and a lot of Revolutions with Post-Colonial countries.
The theme is done, there is nothing to add to it, and I do not want an African expansion with a Scramble for Africa campaign where I play as Belgium.
I want actual African campaigns, and a few more Historical Battles as Europeans in Africa (Boer Wars, Dutch vs Portuguese war in Angola, Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt).


First of all:

Focus all efforts into fixing attack move. This is such a huge issue for everyone playing this game.

I don’t want more civs. I want continous balance updates for the existing civs. More civs doesn’t make the game better. It just means there are more problems to be tackled. Just look at Sweden. Look at China which still needs changes to Flamethrowers. Flamethrowers are such a joke unit. They cost more than leather cannons, but Leather cannons are vastly more powerful and can even get a huge upgrade in age 3 into infantry cannons, which might even be overpowered.

Look at Aztec with their Skull Knights, which are simply worse versions of Inca Macement, yet Inca Macement got 2 buffs in a row.

colonialism that destroyed the game’s popularity. I really don’t know why you don’t want to develop this game. If you don’t want new civilizations, don’t play DE. You can only complain that the original was better. Why are you getting tired in DE?

New civilizations = game publicity, more new players and longer game life.

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Do you want to play Age of Colonization? Download the original AoE 3. There you have the colonization itself.

You want a game that is constantly evolving. And who wants to be the true Age of Empires. This means you want new civilizations, maps and more for Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition.


Colonial theme is done? Well stop with the whole game then, if you want a different game buy a different game, its not really a DE’s job to make an entirely different themed game. Thats not an DE otherwise anymore.

Dont want just the union and confederates in a civil war game? Oh yes lets just add Africa, because lets just go that way. No thats stupid and I am sick of heering those arguments, let the devs make a new game then, dont mess with original game.

If you did a game on the American Civil War, you could actually include several tribes that fought for one side or another as playable factions.
As an expansion, you could also do the Texas-Mexico War, and include them too.

See? Plenty of possibilities!

No need, the game already has plenty non-Colonial Elements in it, like Doppelsoldners and Uhlans, Portuguese Organ Guns, Voltigeurs, Longbowmen, the entirety of the Ottomans, Cossacks and Tatar Cavalry Archers, Swiss Pikemen… that were never in the Americas anyway, and would only make sense in an European Continental setting, mostly 30 Years War and Napoleonic Wars.

Even the game itself already wants to break out of that little “Colonialism” box you put it in.


The very evidence of breaking away from the subject of colonialism are the changes of names:

  • Discovery Age and Colonial Age renamed Exploration Age and Commerce Age respectively

  • Plantation renamed to Estate

  • Colonial Militia renamed to Revolutionary

This is probably enough evidence to show a desire to break away from colonialism. It was enough to change the names and the game loses the monothematic yoke.

Exploration is more than discovering. You can explore what you already know, for example, Europeans explored Africa and Asia. Age of Colonialism changed to Age of Commerce - that says it all about this game. This game is no longer the Age of Colonialism, it has finally become the Age of Empires. Finally.

Plantation renamed Estate. Another proof of a break away from colonialism (although the word “estate” translated into Polish is - osiedle - housing estate. Which makes this change seem strange to me. Overall, I find it difficult to find an equivalent of this word in my language).

Colonial Militia renamed to Revolutionary is another proof of content change. Revolutionaries can be from all over the world, not only from colonies. Additional proof is the addition of the Hungarians, Romanians and Finns revolutions - which I think is great as they are quite large nations but did not have their own statehood at that time. It would be nice to expand this list, for example, Catalans, Scots, etc., and if Poles and Austrians were added, it would also be Ruthenians (Cossacks), Czechs and Croats. Instead of Romanians and Hungarians, the Ottomans could have Serbs, Greeks and Bulgarians.

At last, this game has a chance to be successful.

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Accept that Age of Empires 3 DE, wants to grow and break away from colonialism. Accept it or install the classic version.

I don’t think there is a need to pursue this topic further and we will start discussing the game’s liveliness - not arguing whether we want it or not.

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i straight up do not understand why switzerland is in the mod, the only notable thing about them is that they where used extensively as mercenaries for the catholic nations. but beyond that i dont even think they participated in a single war, according to google they haven’t been in a war for 500 years.


I agree that it makes little sense. I see the Swiss more like a minor civilization on the European map.


Swiss would be a great civ for AoE2. In AoE3, they should remain Mercenaries.


I want more content more than anyone where did you get the idea i was against it?

it was the desire for PC actually