A request to the devs: Please switch the Persians to the Central Asian architecture before release of their rework

With the various early-access previews popping up, it’s becoming clear that the Persians are still using the (incorrect) Middle Eastern building set. There has been a lot of fan requests for the Persians to switch to the Central Asian set (one that they themselves invented, and currently only used by the Cumans & Tatars in-game).

We had been hoping that the re-work would include this, which is the most-requested thing about the civ itself, even more heavily requested than them getting a rework. And the promotional image (seen here):

Seemed to indicate that they were to be changed. But alas, that no longer appears to be the case. Which is greatly disappointing. On a personal level, Persians are thematically my favorite civ; so seeing them looking so anachronistic when a better option is available saddens me, and has taken all the excitement out of this update (and even the DLC) for me at this missed opportunity.

The title says it all, but to reiterate. Could they please be changed in the two weeks before release? This isn’t a balance change, nor is it particularly difficult (you can do it for scenarios in the editor).

I know Persians have had the Middle Eastern set since Age of Kings; but like Byzantines, this set wasn’t correct for them at the time, and now we have something better to represent them in-game that is easily accessible. So when Byzantines, Spanish and Vietnamese had theirs corrected between HD and DE, we had hoped that Persians would follow-suit.

For reference, here is what Persian buildings looked like in the Sasanian era (224–651 CE).

(Sarvestan Palace, Iran)

While time and the elements have not been kind, these buildings resemble the Central Asian Feudal set.

And here is the later buildings:

(Location: Isfahan, Iran)

Resembling the Castle and Imperial Age Central Asian set.

Also Samarkand and Bukhara were Persian cities, places which are featured in the game. The Timurids also used Persian architects to build their palaces and mosques, hence why they look the way they do.

Here is an article on it, for those who are interested:

Perhaps we could use a mod for this, but those break every time a new DLC is released, and would rather we just be able to boot up a game online, pick Persians and see their blue domes as we play.

Lastly, to show the strength of feeling on this; here is a poll. Hopefully the results will convince you that this simple change is wanted.

  • Switch to Central Asian
  • Leave as Middle Eastern
  • I just want to see the results
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I hope this convinces any devs (or people that can communicate this wish to them) to please fix this one civ’s visuals. Thank you for reading.


This is something that should have been done when last khans came out.If byzantines can be moved out so should the persians.


I don’t get it why they haven’t done it lone ago.
Almost everyone agrees that they should switch.

Even South Asian architecture would for better then the current one.


I disagree that the South Asian one would be a better fit. At least the Middle Eastern set has a Mosque, unlike the South Asian one.


One vote and one message to support this change. The switch must be made through the update coming on the ##### like the Spanish or the Vietnamese saw their architecture set changed.
Middle eastern set would stay for Berbers and Saracens, the latter having conquered large territoires, hence the fact there are not many civs using this set.


Turks will still have middle eastern as well so there would be three civs on each set.

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Right, I forgot! Then, there is no excuse not to switch the Persian set!


Funnily, the South Asian monastery was used in Bukhara to represent a Zoroastrian fire temple.

But anyway, thanks for the support people! 22 votes for, in just two hours of putting this up :smiley:

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It is maybe misleading but the picture displaying the updated Persians on the Steam DLC page shows the South Asian Architecture set.


Its the south asian set with the exception of the monastary which is the central asian one presumably because the default South Asian monastary is not a mosque.

For that reason I’m leaning to this being a campaign only deal since correct me if I’m wrong but they haven’t played mix and match with the architecture sets before?

Or they could easily avoid all that weirdness by simply giving them the Central Asian which would be accurate, giving a underused set more use and not needing to mix up sets.


Yes please. I was disappointed that it wasn’t the case (so far).


A mod would still be a good idea. It just has to get updated every time a new DLC is released. I get the Central Asian building set does fit the Persians but the Middle Eastern set doesn’t need to be reduced to 3 civs because it should stay as having over 3 civs like how it has been ever since Age of Empires 2 was first released.

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And as soon as it does not get updated, it no longer works at all.

It has changed over time. Byzantines used to have it, now they don’t. Berbers got added.

There is no set amount for each architecture set to have civs attached.


We should get the ability in the menu to switch architecture like in the scenario editor. It should be on client side only.


Completely agree and voted accordingly.


Throwing my hat in the ring as well. Like someone earlier in the thread stated, giving them Central Asian architecture should’ve been done AGES ago. It’s honestly shocking how something so simple and so widely-requested has not been implemented.


Turks absolutely should use the Central Asian set as well.

For that matter, Huns make more sense with an East-Asian, East-Euro or even Central Asian set… always looked retarded for late antiquity steppe nomads having high German architecture.


I was never too bothered about the Huns using the Central Europe style I thought it was representing how the Huns did not have towns of their own but subjucated a lot of Germanic peoples in their advance west so your town is an occupied Goth/Vandal etc settlement.

Its not perfect but unless we get a kind of ‘Nomadic’ style for Huns/Mongols I’m happy with the way it is for Huns.

Although given how much they have avoided adding new styles in the DE expansions I don’t think we are going to see any new styles.


Really support that! I don’t know why devs didn’t change it when everyone was talking about it since they hint Persian rework.


It’s been 24 hours since I put up this poll, and so far it’s been 61 in favor and 2 against.

I am hoping the devs can see this, as this seems to be a very strong support for this change. Thank you to everyone that voted so far! Hopefully this effort will bear fruit.