A request to the devs: Please switch the Persians to the Central Asian architecture before release of their rework

The felt Mongol yurts in yellow are too small and need to be re-sized by the devs. They don’t even fit the hitbox properly.

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A map I made of medieval Bukhara at its peak before the Mongol conquest, with a small sandstorm about to roll in from the north-west.
Good mix of Middle Eastern/Central architecture along with some modded items …


Maybe try aoe2scenarioparser?

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Come to think of it, Med really is worse since barely anything changes from Feudal to Castle when there are more buildings with different skins.


Hmm, ok, I don’t remember any of that from the campaign. I suppose it is a while since I played it…

Yeah, in the picture I posted it looks like there’s a huge space between the second and third yurts, but the hitboxes are touching each other.

Maybe. I would have to learn Python first, but I should probably do that anyway.

Start here

Then, go here


Is this the correct format?

  • No. Swap the texts.
  • Yes. Keep the texts same.
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I think both work, but this format is probably the better one.