A Retail edition, AOE D.E?

I was thinking if they would make a retail version of the game. What do you think? Will digital exclusive on the Windows store?

AFAIK the game will be digital only. The days of retail are long over - everyone I know gets games digitally, and has been for a good few years. I would totally buy a collector’s edition, but it honestly makes no difference to me. Releasing games digitally is far less costly and far more time-efficient for any publisher.

The event this past Monday would have been the perfect opportunity to announce a digital collector’s edition if they had plans. It doesn’t look like there will be such a release, so I went ahead and purchased the soundtrack separately.

Today retail don’t sell very well, just if u send samething else, like a special edition for collectors or huge fans.

Even if they do make a “DE Collector’s Edition” it would be a while before you could get it :slight_smile:

I dont think think that they are going to release any special edition. But if they do it i will buy it without a doubt.