A secret way to surprise your enemies on Black Forest and win

Using the chopping villagers to open way into the enemy base on black forest map, on 4vs4. Enemies were creating endless armies so I managed to open way using the villagers on a side of the map and get on their back by surprise and delete them.

Also, find that they’re using the relic exploit to get infinite gold. But they didn’t never expected this surprise in their back :slight_smile:

Video: https://youtu.be/ggcQxOzIjQs (2:40min length)

If you want to go fast you don’t need to gather all the wood from every single tree. Just chop down the first trees and right click to the next ones with your villagers.


I was thinking Mongols with their improved tech to cut trees in one swing could be very good at this. Even on regular maps where people wall into trees could make for a nice surprise attack.


Also on Black Forest there is always a clean plath on all corners of the map and if you play 3vs3 or 4vs4 is easy to sneak into the enemy base without being scouted by the enemy.

Yeah one of the things I really like about aoe4 is how you don’t need to harvest the tree to cross over it.

Compared to aoe2, you need to harvest the entire tree before you can cross through it, unless it’s a straggler

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The rus player was using the exploit bhahahahaha

Que cabron…

All the team, look at the pagodas of the chinese and the church of the french too

45 mins and not a single wonder yet? LoL … my games on BF usually ends with me or somebody else building a wonder on 20 min mark xD

My idea was to build one hidden on the corner inside the forest but the host of this match disabled the Wonder victory option haha

Ahhh so its custom … would love to have that kind of a game on BF :vulcan_salute:

I thought today, what about planting trees, if you use food to plant trees then they grow as you AGE up and you can tree yourself in.

what about that?

Mod idea. credit me.


Interesting idea, but wouldn’t just building walls, and converting food to the resources needed to build walls, be a little quicker?

Slowly growing organic walls seems a little strange. Plus, trees would need to be very expensive, lest the map gets 96% populated by trees that players plant

Would be better for an ‘of-the-earth/nature’ type civ in an Age of Mythology 2 rather than an AoE one, imo

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I would open a new thread but its so silly it doesn’t deserve it.

Ok I’m Half joking half serious, but I’m on medication right now so let me explore this idea. :smiley:

Age 1 you plant and they look like these little bushes has no effect in Age1.

Age 2 its a stealth forest

Age 3 its a dense forest

Walls can be destroyed and I can imagine you might be able to drive siege equipment over the ruin,
but a forest you can’t just pound with catapult and drive over you would need workers to clear a path with axes. (in reality)

and unless someone stayed in age 1 for a long time just planting trees you couldn’t cover the map in them you wouldn’t have time. as the trees needs the age upgrade to grow.

but also imagine a map like the Dry Arabia, but with less trees (for instance), you would need to plant trees to let them grow to have wood later in the game.

Do I remember being able to upgrade wooden walls to stone walls in AOE3?


What about digging a moat?

that could work in a similar way.

Age 1 you dig a shallow ditch.
Age 2 it deepens or you can make it deeper with a little water
Age 3 its full of water

Edit: and as for speed, one could get to age 3 in say 13-16min about the same time as the enemy can send a small horse raid.