A short questionnaire (AoE2 & Bulgarians)

Hello, everyone I am preparing a small report about the link between playing AoE2 and the knowledge of different civs (Bulgarians in this particular case). Please everyone with a little free time respond to this questionnaire (10 questions in total). Thanks a lot! https://forms.gle/9Rx3GEZX5XcPuMuM8


Honestly, that’s a very great poll and It would be cool to see (results of ) something like that with every civilization.

Personally I had no experience with Bulgaria at all before DE. I mean, I knew stuff like Bulgarian roots - Volga Bulgars, Bulgarians in modern day Bulgaria, but that’s bassiclly all.

Thanks to DE I find Ivaylo figure very intriguing. Just because of this 20 years old I was doing small researches about Bulgarians. Back than when I was still in school I had contest about “My historical hero” ( where you presented figure from history ) and I decided to pick Ivaylo :smiley:
I’ve even made a lot of drawings about Bulgarians.

About reading books, I have my own favourite series of books about historical wars and their backgrounds but sadly there is none ( presently ) about medieval Bulgaria. But for example I’ve read book about battle of Bannockburn few days before LotW release - book contained even life of Edward Longshanks so that book “spoilered” for me some scenarios in the campain :rofl:.

edit: I have book about battle of Kleidion 1014 ( i have not read yet ), but sadly it’s made completly from Roman perspective and things like Bulgarian militiary is skipped.

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Yes. smth like this could work for any civ. With every new civ edition I myself spend time investigating about their great battles, armies, culture and so on.

Let me complement you about picking Ivaylo. Here he is not conidered as our most popular hero as he is not the most powerful Tsar or smth but if you think about him more closely being a commoner and what he achieved as a leader of the people it is trully remarcable. He could indeed be a popular culture figure.

Lets see what are the results from the questionnaire. For now it looks like more people have played the Ivaylo campaign than read the Bulgarians history page. Interesting enough nearly 90% of respondents have looked for additional sources about different civs outside of the game

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And this is indeed my perpective. Ivaylo - pigfarmer became a tsar, Joan d’Arc - young woman leads knights for freedom, Jadwiga - woman held title of king and so on.

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A little reminder if smbd wants to make the survey before its closed. Thanks to everyone who did respond to the questions already.

Hey thanks for this cool little survey.

Remember if you’re submitting this as part of an assignment at Uni to consider the sampling bias present in the population. The people who visit this forum and disproportionately interested in AOE2. More people who play AOE have the achievement for killing a ship with a melee unit than people who hunt boars in the dark age. You should include in your discussion about the results that the people who took your survey are enthusiasts rather than casual players of the game. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the remark. I understand this. It will not be representative of the whole community for sure yet more of an indication.

I’ve heard of scouting with sheeps, but with pigs ? It’s crazy enough that it might work.

On the one hand Bulgaria and Ivaylo are perhabs more obscure than more famous figures like Attila or Joan of Arc, but on the other hand the new campaign added for the DE have an obvious advantage for returning players. I wonder how many played this campaign compared to the others

About the first question, I started playing AOK in 2002, AOC in 2005, took a long a break and later started playing AOF in 2014. What should I answer? If I answer AOK, technically I’m wrong as AOC was already released.

Interesting question. At first i was intending to have time period like 1999-2003/ 2004-2006 etc. but I realised the different editions of the game are important in turms of generations of players. So if it was a time period it would be obvious. Now I say respond as you feel is righ for you. If you played AoK first and it defined your AoE2 experience late tried other editions there is an argument you vote for AoK.

Okay. I’m voting for AOK then as that was my first AOE2 experience. Even if someone get introduced to this awesome game by AOK, not DE, he should answer AOK imo.

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This is the kind of positivity content we need a bit more on this forum. Just saying…
Answered. :slight_smile:

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