A Small QOL Request: Let us edit Deck names

This seems like a very basic function for the deck builder. It’s really annoying to have to create a new deck every time I need to rename it.

Also, while on the subject of the deck builder, another small feature that could be interesting, specially for newer players, would be to add some sort of filter or highlight for cards that are unique to that civilization. This way it’s easier to at a glance the differences between each civ.

Simply click copy and rename. Only extra step in the process would be to delete the old deck if it was no longer needed.

I already do that. I know it’s just a small annoyance, but it feels kinda odd to not have a “rename” button.

Have to remember its just a polished game from 2005 lol. But yea you would think something as small as a “rename” would be able to be added. Then again since there is a workaround its not something high on the devs priority list.