A small rework for Italian units

Sorry but I had been thinking about the role of the Pavisiers and bersaglieris and I would like to do something small for both xd and this is what I had in mind:

1: Make the pavisier an anti-cavalry archer (I know, I know it would be something strange but I had the following in mind, his stats would be almost similar only with the following changes)
Against heavy infantry (the bonus no longer exists) against cavalry x1.34 against shock infantry x1.20 and when improving to veteran, in addition to giving +1 range, it improves the damage bonus by 0.25, leaving it at x1.59 and x1.45. (As for the armor with their poses, they remain the same xd)

2: Make the cards of heavy Pavisers and steel bolts just one called “Crossbowmen of Genoa” The card would cost 350 wood and food and in addition to those improvements it would give 8 pavisiers

3: Make it possible for the Italians to create the bersaglieris in 3rd by means of a letter (but it will be a 2nd letter, let me explain) the letter would be called “Kingdom of Sardinia” and the description would be such that “the kingdom of Sardinia, anxious for carrying out the risorgimento, he has sent a squad of marksmen to fight against the enemies of the Union!” send 8 Bersaglieri and enable them in 3rd (the card would cost 450 food and wood, in turn it would give the bersaglieri a slight bonus against heavy infantry and light cavalry (of 0.30)

and that, is the only thing that I thought as a slightly interesting change xd although of course the card of the kingdom of Sardinia could perhaps conflict with the card of Napoleon’s house, in that case, it could be stacked, making the bersaglieris can be created in II age regardless of the order in which the letters are sent.

A little postscript! I had forgotten xd as the pavisier will now have no bonus against heavy infantry it would be correct to say that the “Crossbowmen of Genoa” card will not grant this 0.75 bonus to the pavisiers, although instead it will give them a slight bonus against 0.15 cavalry and 5% increased movement speed

Why do you want to give them extra bonus against heavy infantry & light cav?

they already have standard skim multipliers and also higher base attack

allowing them in age 3 might be interesting though

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Bueno al menos no te quejaste por lo que dije sobre los pavisiers asi que mal encaminado no hiba, y con respecto a lo otro pues, no se realmente, ya que la carta cuesta 900 de recursos supuso de que al menos deberia dar algo más xd

Light infantry should have a consistent role of being anti-heavy infantry so I wouldn’t want a change this extreme.

They could get rid of the x0.75 vs cavalry and hand shock infantry to make it somewhat more similar to the anti-cav AoE2 unit but still consistent with the role of light infantry. Maybe also drop the ranged cav multi to x1.75 so it’s not a full x2.

pero si eso puse arriba, no puse un bonus x2, xd a lo sumo quedaria como un bonus x1,74

I’m in favor of some changes for the pavisier, especially reducing the firing delay and the time that it takes to change stances, but I don’t see the unit as an anti-cav unit…

You solution would mean that they basically would become archaic caroleans, but caroleans are mainly good that way because they have tons of card to upgrade them, and because they have the charge ability.

Steel bolts is a good card in my opinion, but heavy paveses is a bit underwhelming… maybe shipping some pavisier might help, or maybe it could affect other archaic units too, like giving the +10% HP to halbs too.

I don’t think that the bersaglieri needs that… it’s been a while since italy was released at this point, and the bersaglieri proved to be their best unit overall, despite being available only in age 4, especially for its attack. Also, I like that people have at least to try to play different before age 4, with either pavisiers and schiavoni.

I wouldn’t mind a rework of the alpini card though… maybe that card could ship 8 bersaglieri when sent, as I believe that it’s a bit underwhelming right now, even if still good.

Anyway if you want to give a bersaglieri card a name, you can call it “crimean expedition force” as piedmont-sardinia partecipated the crimean was before unifying Italy.

Lo de crimea no tenia idea xd, y con respecto al pavisier, solo queria hacerlo más unico convirtiendolo en un arquero anticaballeria, parecido al azap otomano pero con claras diferencias xd, y lo otro es que quize mezclar ambas cartas la de pernos de acero y la de paveses pesados para ahorrar un espacio de tarjeta y que al mismo tiempo dieran esas ventajas, por un precio claro

Back when I made an fan design for the Italians, I thought of a free church tech that removed the multiplier of the crossbowmen (in this case ethe pavisiers) again heavy infantry and replace it with a multiplier against heavy cav, but it also had the drawback of substitute the wood cost for an increased gold cost.

Now, since papacy is quite of an underwhelming tech, I wouldn’t mind something similar, but I would still like to have the option to have standard anti-infantry pavisiers.

As for combining both steel bolts and heavy paveses, I can see your argument, but I’m still not sure…

Steel bolts is a good card overall, worth to be included even if you don’t plan to train pavisiers (but you get the 8+12 from the HC) as it allows you to siege enemy buildings quite well.

When you think about it, pavisier needs 4 cards to be maxed out, caroleans needs the same amount of cards (and more arsenal techs) to be maxed out. The difference is that the caroleans become actually really good when maxed out, while the pavisiers are still meh… just a support unit.

Heavy paveses isn’t bad, but on a units that you don’t want as your main core unit it’s not simply worth, buff the base pavisier making it more useful and it’s not a problem for them to have a couple of dedicated cards in there too.