A social feature to help against alt-F4 issue

Some “reasons” for players to alt-f4 are :

  • not happy with the map
  • not happy with the teammates (for their level or because you’ve had bad experiences with them, maybe even they were blocked/muted but still are in the team)

What i suggest is :
before going in the queue, you can go in a “team making lobby”.
You can be the leader of a team, naming the team with your preferences (for instance : “closed maps, around 1700 elo TG”) or your bans. Blocked/muted players could not have the possibility to enter your team.
You can join an existing team if it fits your preferences.

Once the team is ready, the team goes in the ranked queue.

What do you think ?


How about this: when the server detects that a player Alt-f4’s on a regular basis, it henceforth places that player in a special pool of players that also alt-f4. If he tries to queue a game, he’ll be matched with other alt-f4ers, and they can just go ahead and ruin each other’s time. It will be a small personal hell, the perfect punishment tbh.


@Morgathor That’s perfect actually. Provided that somebody who has one unintentional crash once doesn’t permanently end up in that hell by mistake.

What a clever suggestion :slight_smile:

Not a fan of the OP’s suggestion though because it doesn’t solve the Alt-F4 problem for 1v1s.

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for 1v1, i think we should just make the alt-f4ing player lose his game … his only reason to alt-f4 is because he doesn’t accept the rules.

I agree with this and genuine disconnects also being a loss is a small price to play for dealing with the alt-f4ers.

Plus, if you’re just somebody with a bad connection then losing points for it may be an incentive to get a better one.

So an ara only queue. Thats fine

Yes if this is implemented it should be accurate enough to sort the DC crowd from the alt-f4ers.

And yeah I always loved the concept ever since that side-scroller fighting game (marvel v Capcom maybe?) that implemented somethinf similar for people disconnecting on purpose when they were about to be ko-ed. That way they would only meet opponents who’d do the same, meaning they’d never win again 11

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Just importatn to implement a “tolerance limit” so players who don’t do it intentionally aren’t unnecessary punished.
And also only for TG as in 1v1 dodging maps is actually partially caused by the devs not allowing to ban more. Devs need to respect that there are players who are extremely selective what maps they like to play.

You can’t punish a part of your community if you don’t respect their expectations in the game as long as they don’t directly cause issues for other players.

And that’s the problem in multiplayer cause there this kind of behaviour influences multiple other people, too. So there the “punishment” is justified. If you can’t adopt a certain threshold of tolerance and respect to other players you can’t play teamgames with them.

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What OP describes is already in the game. It’s called lobby browser. Only problem: it’s not ranked. And for some reason people nowadays believe that a higher number in front of their name makes them better. Although I have to admit that it helps with creating fairer games.