A Strange Issue

Hey guys!

Having A strange issue, with campaign mode.
After the mission “PIRATES!” instead toncontinue with that act or chapter, jumps to the indians’ last mission. Im not sure, if it supposed to be continued like that, so if you have any suggestions, i would appriciate, btw
And one more thing
Noticed that all the indian campaign is unlcoked from asian dynastiey.
Game is awesome.
Thanks Devs!

i have same problem only difference is that i got it after temple of actec… still dont know what to do with it

I could skip the mission actually, with the cheat🤭 and worked. You should try!


WORKED Thank you !!!

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Have the same problem, can anyone tall me what is “the cheat” here ?

“this is too hard” is the cheat to win any singleplayer match. Just type it at the start of the mission! :smiley: