A toggle for the chat filter

I promise my feelings won’t get hurt!

I don’t understand how this still is not a thing. Communicating with your teammates sometimes is a grammatical challenge. Abreviations are censored and 1 naughty word hides your entire sentence. Put the filter in for kids. Give adults a toggle. Kids these days watch TikToks cointaing absolute morons who swear all day, they don’t play AoE4. I grew up playing GTA Vice City as a 10 year old, I turned out to be absolutely fine.

This ridiculous American censorship shouldn’t be forced upon people. We’re adult here, hello? They’re just words. The world is offensive, haven’t you heard? We’re people playing a game FIGHTING AND RAIDING against each other, shouldn’t that be censored then?
Thanks America. Censor naughty words because they could hurt people’s feelings but give away free handguns whenever you buy 2 pairs of jeans at Walmart so you can go shoot up your school when you feel sad.


just say ez, ez always wins

also add a toggle for all DEs, its stupid it even exists

I agree, chat filters are too exaggerated and very annoying. This is probably why there’s a big chat delay as well, which makes it even worse.

this… is a much needed feature

I was having a friendly conversation with a new player and giving some tips on how he could pay french and then this happens. Isn’t this a litte ridiculous? image

The only people that think EZ gets a rise out of people these days are from Eastern Europe for some reason.