A tool to customize player colors

I think the game must include a tool that changes the player colors to our liking. I previously used the Krogoth’s tool, but it no longer works. After all, I don’t like the default neon colors.


I already created a mod that changes some colors, but I think it should be an intrinsic function of the game.


I kind of agree with this. The problem that I see, is in team games, communication could get even worse. I’m just speaking from personal experience, but I’m more likely to flair red’s TC and say “Red” then I am to say “Player 2” or something. Therefore, if my team-mate(s) are using a mod that changes the red color to something else, for example orange, then that creates problems, particularly if one player doesn’t realize that the colors aren’t the same for everyone. However, I think for single player it works, or for 1v1s, and for team games, it could work, but only as long as the colors are restricted, so that red will always be clearly red, even if one player is using a color closer to pink, and the other is closer to crimson. That way communication should still work. That’s how I see it.

Use this instead:

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What I’d like to see the most is player color not tied to player position as a no.1 request.

Me being able to pick a color and be spawned as it every game, regardless of others, even if it’s local only. Like, me being green, and if someone else has green, the color I would have originally goes for him, is up on the QoL features list too.

And finally, every player being able to pick a custom player color for themselves, and playing as it, something like the profile icon, but as a personalizable color.

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Just enable friend and enemy colors option and mod the blue color to green, that way you always are green player color. Now you can also choose new colors for your allies, neutral or enemy players without affecting the game.

Sorry in advance for stupid queston, but this is the one and only mod I have been yearning since I was a kid. Thus never installed or looked at the mod section before but I have subscribed for it in the mod directory in game.

But how to actually use it? I haven’t found any info on that.

I love single player and I really would like to change the team colours.

I’d like colors to be fully customizable and seen by all players - each player is able to customize their own version of numbers 1-8 with different shades of that designated color or spectrum around that color so there will be little if any bleeding into seperate #'s colors and use them in any mode.

Hi! If you play with steam, subscribe to the mod with your steam account and then open the game and go to MODS, the mod should appear there. Make sure it is activated.

Thank you I got it working and wow I like this colour pallette much more. Nice touch.

But maybe I misunderstood but I thought there was also going to be an actual tool to change the team colour to any ones liking like in campaign and single player? Like me playing Jeanne D’Arc campaign and the french and they are blue but me being able to change it to any other colour? Is this possible?

I’d love to see the color customization tool AoE3DE uses to be implemented into 2DE since the tool in the posted github link doesn’t let you use copy-pasted RGB/HSV values.


Yes would be best, with the team colors or the actually function or additional for friend and foe colors


It would give more variety to the matches!