A True CO-OP Game Mode

Please Implement a true randomly generated co op game mode that starts an ai off with several towns that need to be assaulted and a main base, and you and your allies arrive at the edge of the map with a TC wagon, some villagers and troops along with a commander unit.

have some side missions that scale up as the game goes on and rewards you with resources or destroying certain ai buildings/sending reinforcements and enabling new units/rebelling units and towns/enabling new attack routes so players have clear guided objectives to work towards throughout the game rather than a generic “kill everything”.

maybe some random weekly modifiers that both help and hurt the players, and bonuses/rewards for reaching a certain score such as unlocking harder versions, new maps, commanders and cosmetics.

inspired by StarCraft’s commanders, there is a lot of potential in a well done co op vs ai mode. please explore investing effort in this area. I have friends that like to play aoe games with each other but hesitate playing vs others online. this opens up the game as a social experience for them.


I like the idea. Id keep it to where there is not a specific commander per-say like SC2, but just make it so that you can use whatever civ you like. Would make it interesting to come up with different scenarios where you could use your fav civ to assault the cities, or even something more reminiscent to a fortress (lots of towers, keeps, walls, etc.) where strategy is actually important.

I would love a similiar coop mode. That is pretty much all that has kept me playing Starcraft 2 after beating all the campaigns and getting sick of playing ranked.

I don’t think they need to do commanders with how many civs we have. It could just be on a civ by civ basis. But some cool scenarios with different difficulties and mutations would be awesome.

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AoEO has 100s of repeatable co-op missions for all types of maps, objectives, and enemies. They are a huge part of the game’s draw.


I always thought a co-op wave based survival mode would be really cool, could even be themed like defending a castle from a Mongol invasion or something

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Like Elite Meet in Crete?