A way to increase strategic diversity - make it so you can't see your opponent's deck

This would make it far easier to pull off more unorthodox strategies, since your opponent couldn’t immediately tell what you were up to. It would also require people to get better at a basic rts skill, scouting. So much info is conveyed by being able to see your opponents deck that scouting is less necessary in this game as it stands.


Yeah it’d make it easier to get absolutely ########### on, respectfully


I remember having these convos on esoc and iirc it was that you get more diversity, but that also means more cheese. It would also lead to much more conservative standard play.

there are stuff where you will not know its coming till the card arrives and that is hard to balance

Imagine russian Suvorov reform builds, it is indistinguishable for the most part from normal russian play with strelet, until the card comes and you get smashed with 50-60 vet musk.

And if that is always a possibility playing against russia, would you take the risk of taking a mid map fight against russia or just defend up with outpost and cannosn

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I think it should be visible, but only if you’ve scouted their shipment point. That would at least reward some reconnaissance.


This would mean more turtlish style of play with possible wall abuse because you have literally no idea what the opponent is going to do. And if you decide to scout him with your explorer, it means you lose treasures to your opponent.

Btw new screenshot competition starting soon?

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The deck is not visible in the first few minutes anyways, so any strategy that relies on secrecy of deck is already covered.

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I don’t think there’s a set time period where it is hidden. You just can’t see anything before they select what deck they are going to use.


Yes, this is correct.

I have no idea why people are able to see their opponents deck. I never understood how they could see it in AoE3 and now in DE I really don’t know. It shows the specific deck they’ve chosen? All their cards? I thought they could just see the list of all your decks by looking at your profile. But that being said, if they can see the deck you’re using - is it possible with two monitors to have that up on the other one? With the game on yours?

That’s such a huge advantage for people that know to check, I literally never do and it’s probably why I keep losing lately bc all my decks although not named something clearly skew my army towards one unit or another

This is blowing my mind wtf they are literally seeing I am going water just by my cards … why even have a water deck

You could do this from forever, go to the players summary menu and click on opponent’s flag.

If i have to guess, it is so matches aren’t random and are actually based on strategy to counter. Your opponent can check what deck you picked after you picked, and see the cards of the deck, thats it. He can’t see the name of the deck. He can’t see all your decks. You can do the same.

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i cannot defend myself even though i know what my opponent is going to do, and you asking this? omg.
It can be optional in lobby though, would be fun for team games

Not everyone uses this feature or even knows it exists