A way to moderate torps

I recently read a comment that argues that torps could get the inca treatment, lower build limit but higher pop space to account for their gathering effect and reduce their impact.

I want to maybe twist this idea a bit. Instead of capping the build limit at a lower level overall, torp build limit could increase with age up. Start at say 7 in age 1, 15 in age 2 then 20 in age 3( or maybe 7, 10,15,20 to add age 4 into this).

I think this will have 2 overall effect, it reduces the power of cards like blueberry in age 2 plays since there are less torps overall, and since it also introduces a cap in the pop space of swedes in age 2, there is a balancing act between just spamming caro or wanting more pop intensive units like mercs or cannons


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Is Sweden still really OP? I don’t really see it tbh, it feels like there ARE some civs Sweden does well against but I don’t think Sweden is that op anymore, their coroleans are pretty much like Brit musks but better vs cav until age 4(age 4 coroleans are still OP and in team Sweden is very strong) but in terms of 1v1 I’m not so sure, when I fight Sweden it feels like it’s very civ dependent, if I’m Brit or haud it feels very easy for me to win, if I’m French or usa, it feels about even. I hardly ever play vs Sweden and I play quite frequently, these civs I mentioned above are the only civs I’ve played against Sweden with.

I personally don’t think swedes are particularly OP, but I do think that the way its designed at the moment the torps are prone to people experiencing wild shifts in power level depending on like tiny changes cause of how much potential resources you can get from it and so every patch its going to be either OP or Dead.

This is suggestion is a big design change but I think it keeps the fundemental aspects of torps and even their potential power but moderate it so that its requires less drastic changes from patch to patch

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I think I understand your point better, the Swedish power spike can be difficult to punish depending on what civ you are, I. Think that this change could work in combination with an early game buff to Sweden to make Sweden more in line with standard civs

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