A year since the annoucement of AOM:Retold and still no news, a bit worrying

Any news from Dev ? on twitter or other social media?

We may have the game for 2024 maybe ?

They tend to go 100% radio silent during development until they have something they view as ready for testing. The best place to get any sort of news is developer interviews that have gone on and get passed around every so often. They’ll give us news eventually, they just tend to keep it notoriously in-house.

I’m thinking they’ll stick to their usual 2-year development cycle before giving us anything of substance, meaning sometime next year they’ll give us something good on it and the betas will start rolling out.


Another time we have to say it: in terms of marketing, making hype, getting people interested all devs team make the worse shit even.

Few days ago I saw on TikTok from Firefly Studios this:

Small thing, but made me smile immediately. Why AoE/AoM can’t have socials on similar level?

I wouldn’t worry. The latest DLC of AoE 2 DE was never heard of until about 2 weeks from release. They can take up as long as they want only if it will come out excellently.
BUT, I worry the crappy dragon dlc would somehow make it to Retold. That, to me, is an ultimate insult to the franchise. Imagine how ****ed up it would be!

The Chinese DLC will be part of retold they already announced this. But they want to completely overhaul it, way more than the other civs so don’t worry too much in that regard.

And yeah the communication is a bit… odd. Doesn’t built up much confidence - especially regarding other games which went a long time radio silent. But here it’s really maybe just “in their blood” lol.

Really didn’t expected to see gameplay and many details this year but either a better trailer or some dev interview with concept stuff. but maybe early next year then. If this all supports the quality of the game it’s fine for me personally (but not for too long tho ;p)

They’re working on it. Chill.

How do you know that?

I know things, it’s what I do.

If they have something to share, they will do.
Anything but the announcement is under NDA, means it can not be shared.

When they showed early material of AoE4 they got turn apart by the player base that criticised every detail they saw.
A massive storm of negative comments about the size of arrows and other small details.

I can see why they kinda feel like wanting to polish things more before they show something.

Alright Tyrion lol

I admittedly was wondering the same things about AoM Retold; i’ve been looking forward to it for awhile

So tired of waiting and no news. Hell, I’d settle for a good rumor.

Video game journalists need to start asking developers relevant questions that the fans want to know…