Abasid update bug crashing game

Players started to figure out the exploit bug abasid phalanx in barracks for spearman , not to motion it’s insane.

Also the camel +2 armor in blacksmith that stacks with each blacksmith update.

Soo far only these 2 techs made a change to the game .

Composite bow maybe works as indented didn’t notice a attack speed improvement to all archers(archers ,crossbowman ,hand-cannoneer ,camel archer) & movement speed of all camel units works as indented even thought it was researched multiple times.

I think its mandatory to disable these 2 techs or disable abasaid until this bug its fixed.

Besides the inconvenience of this bug , the game crashes very often after a player did this exploit.

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Thanks @ElGiGiel! We are aware and working on a fix.