Abassid technology Camel Boarding & Composite Bows

Hello , i dont know if it mentioned before but i hope this get fixed next patch

Camel Boarding does nothing but giving you fancy skin
Composite Bows only work for regular archers, camel archers dont get the buff

have a good one


Looks like you’re absolutely right.

Just tested this. According to the ‘camel barding’ description, you’d expect both the camel rider and camel archer to have 2 melee and 2 ranged armor after the upgrade. However, after researching this, upgrade existing camel riders/archers do not gain any armor and newly produces units do not gain the extra armor.

According to the ‘composite bows’ description you’d expect camel archers to gain extra attack speed as they are classed as archers. However, they do not gain any extra attack speed after researching this upgrade.

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Thanks @AzzeddineXT and @Isaacans. Camel Barding should be addressed in a future update. We’ll check into Composite Bows as well. Appreciate the report!

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