Abbasid Build Orders

Hi, this is my first post and I hope I get leniency from you guys.

I was discussing with a friend the other day about Abbasid and how adaptable the House of Wisdom is. I prefer to go economic, and defensively boom, while my friend prefers to focus on military wing as an more aggressive opener, especially considering we get free units that way now.

I was just wondering what the community in general could add to this vaguely described debate?

Against English, the military wing is mandatory, because archers will come to you very quickly. It’s not black or white, it depends on civilization.

Depends what you want to do, and what kind of battle it is.

I personally prefer going for either Tradewing or Culturewing opening.

As I personally hate going anything more than 1TC.

Tradewing allows me to boom, and boom hard, especially in teamgames, and map that favors trade.

Culture wing allows me to turbo into Castle age and “rush” with Ghulams and Camel archers. And Punish people who go multiple TC in feudal very hard. Consider you can immidietely build Siege on the field, getting Mango’s and Rams whenever you need.

for 1v1 or tiny maps like Mountain Clearing I like opening with Military wing, and Ram rush the nearest opponent, and start massing archers and spears to back up the ram. Forcin the opponent to idle vills for period of time and snipe whatever I can snipe.

If they have exposed houses, definitely start hitting them with the rams putting the opponent into abrupt chaos as they can’t produce units due to being housed. if the map allows it, Tower the woodline and starve them from wood.
It’s pretty much an ALL IN, if it fails, it fails hard, if it succeeds, it succeeds hard.

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yes, the health upgrade is good for that.

Yes, Abbasid allows for a lot of reactive play against everything from map to civ. The whole siege thing is just more flexebility in this, very much so.
I agree with the culture wing, but I mostly use it to go up from feudal as everything is more expensive from then, but it gives it definitely more space to upgrade. I think this usually happens in castle, but if it is cheaper… yes
Thank you for advice generally.

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