Abbasid Camel Barding Technology doesn't work

The Abbasid House of wisdom imperial tech “Camel Barding” states that it “Increase the armor of camel units by +2”. When you research it, the unit tooltips don’t change, even tough the camels get a visual update. Tested on a boar on a camel with no upgrades and took the full 15 damage from its attacks.

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Thanks for the report, have flagged this for review.

The * Abbasid Dynasty Tech : Camel Barding do not provide any armor for their camel units, this tech just change the outlook. :slight_smile:

Hi @OMGBoxShark I tested this issue after todays patch, we still have it.

yeah 3 weeks after release and such a huge oversight of a bug is still here ? i mean if the relic duplicate is still not fixed no wonder this is still here… i payed for the upgrade and got nothing… costed me a close fight sadly.