Abbasid Camel Riders Balance Suggestions

Camel Riders are lacking. Abbasid in general doesn’t get much play as suggest by public 1v1 data but among their units I suggest the Camel Rider need some improvements.

ATM it takes 1 camel rider to kill 1 knight, however they cost the same amount of resources? So what advantages do you have in massing camel riders? Yes there is a benefit in mixing camel riders with knights vs an opponents just knights composition, but that only favors the camel rider composition IFF it only engages vs mounted units SLIGHTLY. This lack of versatility is why camel riders aren’t being used readily IMO.

I suggest the Camel Rider REMAINS a specialized in killing cavalry units however make the bonus worthy of mixing camel riders with knights vs just going knights and keeping the better versatility. Currently in a 1 v 1 base stats camel rider vs base stats knight camels kill a knight in 10s vs knights killing a camel in 18s. I suggest making that base camel kill a knight in 8s.

Also I suggest Camel Riders be given a charge speed bonus similar to all units that get a charging speed.

I do understand a completely upgrade camel rider is much much stronger than a completely upgraded French knight; HOWEVER the French knight (knights in general) would have been useful from its base form all thru its max stat form. Who can in a competitive gameplay have the time and resources to power several several several upgrades into a unit JUST to make the units competitive? Especially in the current age of siege game?

IMO along with added the charge speed boost and maybe a lil more attack bonus; I suggest frontloading more of the upgrades into the base camel OR making all the camel upgrades extremely cheap