Abbasid Economic Wing meta

I know they wanted to make wings more playstyle oriented or stragetic…

"Economic Wing

  • Added Fertile Crescent Technology, costs 25f 75g. Reduces wood and stone cost of economic buildings and houses by 25% .

  • Moved Fresh Foodstuffs to Town Center.

  • Fresh Foodstuffs villager cost bonus reduced from 50% to 35%"

But this on paper is already too strong NOT to always open eco wing on land maps; especially open land maps.

Let’s do the maff:

25% off TC is 300 w and 262.5 stone (likely will be truncated). The tech that makes the tc cheaper is 100res which means the tech+ the discount TC is already cheaper than standard TC (even cheaper than previous cost of TC); so the payoff is INSTANT you build your TC. that’s one…

Secondly ; before TC got nerfed with cost increase it wasn’t at all uncommon for Abby to have fresh food stuff and 2nd TC building SUB 6min; but now that TC houses and mills and alike will ne cheaper; not onpy will abbasid return to sub 6min TCs but also getting 7 or even sub 7 min gold age!!!‽

The only thing that can throw a monkey wrench in this BO is IFFF fertile Cresent is a 120s tech or more…

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Already in my head i can see fast feudal 6min 2nd TC with fertile Crescent AND fresh foodstuff AND a 7min golden age 1… then 562 resource TC popping up left and right…yea this is gonna need a nerf by at least increasing the research time on fertile Crescent and fresh food in order to allow counter play. Otherwise the moment Abby gets her 2nd TC built, if stone is safe, the TCs won’t stop being built…

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I would go for the military wing, now they have the same percentage as the English castle network

Trade wing could be pretty OP too in certain situations. But I’m fine with it if Abba’s main build is still many-TC. I’m too used to the pace, anything less than 3tc is boring.