Abbasid gameplay bug -> military wing

Just played a game on Prairie as abbasid vs ottoman. Went military wing first to counter spear aggression, but upon aging up, the troops DID NOT SPAWN. I had the rally point set to my gold where the spears were arriving, perhaps its a bug in rallying the troops during the age up? To confirm I went military wing I even got the fuedal upgrade for infantry HP, and checked after game and I had no troops spawn. Had to surrender the match because of the bug

Hey @Miniburner! I just spent a bit trying to repro this one, but didn’t see it. Please do post here if you experience this again. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for looking into it. Aussie drongo looked into it after I mentioned this bug in his discord channel, and in reviewing my VOD he determined it was because I did not have 3 population space available, only 1 or 2. This is interesting to me because I never hit the pop-cap while getting all-ined on by the ottoman, rather sat at 38-39 for the minute I played the game out. I FF’d after I searched my whole base and could not find the archer and spearman (that were unable to spawn without 3 popspace)

Interesting Interaction. I have just tried to reproduce it and found out that you will still get them after having enough pop space whether by losing units or building houses/TCs. It feels like it was a deliberate decision to either give all 3 units at once or none until there is enough room, otherwise it would complicate things as sometimes you may want to get the spearmen first then the rest when there is enough space sometimes you want the archer first (vs tower rush for example) then you would curse the game for giving you the type you did not want :smiley:

“Bug” Description video:

Receiving the 3 troops after losing units:

Receiving them after you increase your population cap: