Abbasid Mastery Test of Strength - missing resource text

Abbasid Mastery has several missing resource text values for each of the Test of Strength entries. (“win a 1v1 custom or skirmish match against the ___ AI”) It is showing these 4 items that should have “Test of Strength” text:

  • mastery_abbasid_03
  • mastery_abbasid_07
  • mastery_abbasid_11
  • mastery_abbasid_15

This is actually showing up for me on Chinese mastery as well. The other masteries show up normally.

Version: 5.0.23349.0

Repro steps:
Just open the Masteries screen and click into Abbasid. The missing resources are visible there, or as a title if you click on one of them (such as mastery_abbasid_15).

Possible trigger?
I recently completed the Chinese mastery and I noticed this issue shortly after. I had previously completed these masteries: English, French, Holy Roman Empire, Mongol, Rus, Training. I have not completed the Abbasid nor Delhi masteries.

Hey @kiloByte2! Is this something you’re still seeing?

Yes! I took that screen shot today and just double checked. Some of the other Test of Strength items are missing their white detailed description text / subtitles as well.

Also I don’t use any mods, customizations, tuning packs, etc. My installation is totally stock.

Thank you for following up @kiloByte2! The team will investigate.