Abbasid pikes, upgrade or not?

As abbasid, when I am playing vs rus or french, I always scout and check the amount of knights spam they are doing to make some pikes to counter.

BUT, when I reach to feudal and the knights spam start,I always wonder if it is better to spam lvl 1 pikes and when possible upgrade to lvl 2, or first upgrade and then spam the pikes.

The difference when attacking knights is notorious, I feel like feudal pikes counter way bigger knights than dark age pikers do, but I always need to find the correct time window to upgrade the pikes without lose numbers advantage.

Also, seems like pikes if numbers are not enough doesn’t counter as good knights as I would like, and this is more notorious when they are dark age ones.

Another question is blacksmith upgrades, are them really worth when getting feudal knights rush?

What do you think?

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Yes, yes, and yes.

I’d recommend building more barracks for starters, if you see them spamming knights. You also never chase knights very far with your spears, always keep them at home newr your exposed vils. Otherwise you risk getting ran and and them looping back around past your defense.

Upgrading unit teirs is a huge buff to them, so I would always grab those ASAP. Blacksmith Upgrades are always a good idea too, as the upgrades scale with army size. 5 spears? 5 dmg increase/effective HP added. If you had a 2nd or 3rd 'racks, you could go tier up with one and keep spears pumping on the next.

Not exactly true. In simple way of thinking yes this is very true 1 armor = 1 extra hp and 50 army supply is 50 more hp, but this isn’t exactly how it works in real scenario, because units deal different amounts of dmg and thjat 1 extra armor or dmg may not make any difference at all.

Too lazy to get right numbers but lets assume spears hit 21 dmg and knight has 100hp. So it takes 5 hits to kill knight. Even if knight gets +3 armor from BS it wont change the outcome (not including base line armor for knights out of simplicity sake). Knight would still die in 5 hits. And even if spears get +3 dmg they still won’t be 4 shotting knights so the upgrades in these scenarios are useless…

Also there is the factor that how engagement is taken. Some units die much faster than others like spears vs knights. Spears have lot less hp and no armor and knights actually can kill them fairly easily. Higher the number of units is more likely they’re not participating the engagement effectively and end up running around.