Abbasid unique units

Instead of having 2 camel units, turn one of them into Naffatun.
“Two developments around the year 850 increased the power of the oil czars. The first was the increased demand from a new fighting corps established in the regular Abbasid army called the naffatun , or naphtha troops.” That’s besides the fact that camels were mostly used for transporting and marching. It would be a good idea to have 1 camel unit and players get to choose on whether to have that as a camel rider or camel archer. Or camel archers can just be removed and be added for a Berber civ at some point.


Camels would have been interesting as special “trade cart”, I don’t know if this sort of mechanic from AoEII will exist in AOE4. And eventually, camels traders being in same time “trade caravan guards”, they would have a capability to fight and defend themself a bit.

Another idea, would have been to make the camel transporting the imam, or a doctor.

I mean, a bit of imagination if they want some camels.

I think the camel archers could be keeped. Because it was used by some turkic warriors , and Abbasids hired a bunch of turkic mercenaries and slave-soldiers. I really hope than the design and language of the unit would be based on that in the game.

The melee camels don’t have so much sense instead. It should be replaced.

I agree than more diverse units, like adding naffatun would have been more representative of abbasids.
Instead of making them a camel civ… giving them a focus of unit, just looks wrong.

And I don’t even know where is the mamluk part in their design … from their description. It should be removed honestly. Nothing looks like mamluk sultanate in their kit. Mamluk never used camels, and were famous horsemen.


Agreed. If they wanted a camel civ, then it would’ve been better for Berbers, like maybe Umayyad dynasty.

I don’t understand the obsession with representing everything Middle-Eastern with camels. Horseback warriors were used extensively in that region, and camel riders didn’t necessarily bring their mounts to the fight. The Arabian horse is well renowned since ages.

I could go on but you can see the point. There’s no need to limit civ designs to caricatures for “the wider audience” to catch on


Yup. Besides, they seem to ignore how effective were the Naffatun.