Abbasids Can't Stone Wall their House of Wisdom (without losing Golden Age)

I enjoy playing the Abbasids, especially in large team games, but find myself incredibly vulnerable to landmark sniping. Currently, the tile range of the House of Wisdom doesn’t allow a full surrounding stone wall of the House of Wisdom without breaking your golden age aura that flows between proximate buildings.

If one additional tile of range was added to House of Wisdom aura, the Abbasids would be considerably better off as they could circle their most important landmark in at least one defensive stone wall and still extend their base aura to the rest of their structures for a Golden Age.


This is a pretty reasonable request.
The single landmark for Feudal to Imp is a massive vulnerability and does need some tweaking to offset it.


Perhaps giving walls the aura when connected to House of wisdom, or even just gates,
Giving just outposts the extra tile range would fix it as well. I have trouble wanting to wall off anywhere or expanding through rivers because I want to get third golden age and walls are a major setback


Agreed, I think that’s a reasonable idea to allow walls to connect existing buildings to the aura. I always find myself with 20 of each military building not connected to the aura for the 3rd Golden Age. Instead I end up spamming houses in the back of my base to hit the building count.


Tower is nice. They cost 100 wood. House costs 50. So it is balanced.

Yeah allowing walls to connect would help with the house spam/wasting wood on houses we don’t need too as I’d assume each wall segment would count as a structure.

I still believe tier 4 and 3 of the golden ages need to have the building number reduced however

You still can wall your town center!

You can wall off the House of Wisdom and still connect it for golden ages but the placement is very restrictive. I would like to see an increase in the range for the building to make it more easily doable.

I honestly believe that Stone Walls (not wooden fences) should extend any type of building-based buffs/connectors. If you want to extend emergency repairs function or mosque buff across the map, why not allow walls to carry the buff?

I really like the idea forwarded by wilsonac2 of allowing outposts extra range when it comes to golden age aura, its an expensive building after all, I dont think itd be unbalanced.

Also being able to wall off first town center isnt alway as good an option because early base building tends to be very condensed in order to fend off early rush’s. so walling it off mid game can end uip being… inelegant in comparison to offering fairer gold auras.

I suggested they instead adjust landmark victory from being an instant defeat to being a 2min countdown to get at least one landmark back up to 100%.

If they fix seige and animation canceling then I think 2min is reasonable time to repair and stay in the game.

JUST MAKE TCs LANDMARKS. It becomes race to destroying landmarks. If you can move your base you can let enemy attack your main base and counter it with attacking his base in return. If he sends all of his army he is in worse postion. But due to landmark victory you can’t do anything once you have build a landmark. You have to defend that area and can’t do anything creative.

Independent of the stone wall issue there is the Player snipe issue in Team games.
It seems unfair that a player is kicked out for loosing it’s landmarks if their allies are still doing fine.

And the other issue is that the Abbasids just have 1 (plus fisrt TC) landmark that on top of that has to be built close to the first TC because it’s build even before going into the second Age. There is little change to place it somewhere far away from the first TC, especially because of the bonus.

One “fix” would be making the first TC invulnerable to damage for 1-2 minutes after the House of Wisdom is destroyed and wise versa.
Alternatively or on top of that add the option the “move” the landmark status to a different TC (for a cost and with a cooldown) so you can place it more defensively.