Abbassid Camel units are stuck and cannot move after reloading single player battle

Hello everyone,
I’m facing an issue when I use Camel units in the Abbassid Civ.
Let’s see what’s happening and how to reproduce the issue.
In a single gameplay if I use the Abbassid Civ. and I have Camel units (archers or sword equipped), they can move anywhere on the map. Then I save the game and exit from AOE IV.
I restart AOE IV and reload the previously saved game. At this point if I select my Camel Units, I’m not able to move them anymore all over the map. They seems to be stuck so they are unusable.
Does anyone experienced this issue?
Thank you!

Hey @nutskull! I can’t easily reproduce this one. Would you mind reloading your game, then if it is happening quit out and contact support with your warnings.log file? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello SavageEmpire566!
Thank you for helping. I send the request to the support team, because that happends again.

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hi same i have the same issue

Hey @badape! If you’re able to contact support with your warnings.log file, it would be very helpful. Thanks!