Abbey of the Trinity (RUS age 3 landmark) bug


At the moment there is a hard limit on the Abbey of the Trinity with the number of relics you can store (maximum is 3). However you are able to store 5 inside by taking a couple extra steps (or even more in 2v2s/3v3s/4v4s).


  1. Have an unfilled abby (0-2 relics)
  2. Have multiple warrior monks with relics (as many as possible)
  3. Select all and store into Abbey.

This only works with RUS. It does not work with HRE Regnitz nor the Chinese Pagoda.


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Have come across this during game play when accidentaly put 4 relics into that landmark. I don’t know why relics in this landmark are only limited to 3. There isn’t any resource or production bonus so strange to have a cap in the first place.

I would assume it to be some balance limitation possibly. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense otherwise unless it’s to do with the name ‘Trinity’.

It’s not just a clever name…

But yeah, should be a fix coming so this is in line with other Monasteries. Thanks for the report @EverydayCart763!