Abilities that are not in the game

So, I want to put together a list of all the abilities that the community can think of that are not currently in the game, but could be interesting for new civs (or even remakes of existing civs) Here goes!

Area of effect auras. I don’t think these are in the game at all. However they could easily be brought in for units that act as leaders. Where you only need 1 unit to get the aura. What are some examples?

  1. +accuracy for trebuchets.
  2. Slow passive unit health regeneration.
  3. +1 armor.
  4. Faster faith regeneration auras
  5. +X% farming speed.
  6. Conversion resistance auras
  7. + building armor

Terrain modifiers

  1. +speed on X terrain
  2. -speed on X terrain
  3. changing terrain from X to Y (although prob not realistic)
  4. +atk/def on X terrain


  1. + armor for channeling on structure… fortification engineer?
  2. +LoS for channeling on X structure… hawkmaster?
  3. -Disable enemy structure… rogue?


  1. Poisoned farms…
  2. Explosive fish traps…
  3. Explosive buildings… outposts come to mind for gunpowder civs.
  4. Steal structure’s LoS… spies?


  1. Regenerating walls (very slow regen)

What other abilities do you think could be in the game, but are not currently added? For example, we could totally get a saracen mullah unit that granted +25% faith regen, and cost 100 gold, but could not pick up relics. Or a byzantine fortification engineer who could give castles + armor for withstanding trebuchet shots. Or a turkish outpost that detonated on death from an enemy attack, killing all the units meleeing it. How about a briton falcon master that got vision of the area? Or a gothic taskmaster that gave all villagers + farming rates?

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I’m fine with leader units and auras as long as they remain single player and lobby game mode only. They should not be an option in regular multi-player though.


I would prefer not to have this in AoE2. There’s already so many bugs in the game. It’s not that I don’t have faith in the devs, because I do. BUT this is still a 20 year old game[1], so I imagine something like this would probably be a lot of effort, and in the end, for small gains.

[1]: This means that even if the base code of the game was well written 20 years ago, it’s still going to be pretty obsolete by modern coding standards and conventions, making it difficult and time consuming to add major changes like auras.

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Why shouldn’t auras be a thing in normal play? These aren’t game breaking. They are just a little enhancement. Kind of like having a temporary tech that can be taken away if the special unit is killed.

Because it changes the very essence and basic mechanics of the game.


I would like to see the phalanx formation give to swiss uus in future.

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This isn’t wacraftc3. Please no clunky mechanic a and abilities. Aoe3 has already been ruined by these, starting out as a great plain age of empires game in vanilla base game and then getting suffocated by more and more of these things in the expansion and now also in de.

Don’t do this to aoe2. If you like such mechanics play 3.

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like it or not the game is moving in that direction.

I don’t think AOE2 should go that direction. And I like how the devs implement the new content to the game.
There are new features, but they don’t allow cheesy things to do with. They still fit into the concept that things synergize just by their individual implementation mechanics, not by a direct interaction.

Besides flemish rev is still a totally weird thing to have in the game (mostly because it is just too much for too less initial investment), the other things actually fit quite well into the general concept of the game. And adding more diversity at the same time.

In this regard I think devs made great work.

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I think they learned from lords of the west to keep it more traditional.


I think LotW was a flop becasue the civs were bad. Better make civs a bit OP in the beginning cause the people who are “against dlc” you can’t convince anyways. You need to convince the people who are willing to get the new dlcs. And if you implement civs that just suck, you just can’t.

True uus getting gimmick powers is reasonable compared to somethings they added.

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If you support OP’s suggestion then I would search for a different game, maybe something with magic and wizardry and not a somewhat realistic medieval game

Not 100% sure but didnt they remove the speed boost and reduction of elevation where you would lose Speed moving uphill and getting speed going downhill. I think they removed it from AoK in AoC

Monks (with castle age unique tech)

Monks Heal units at a x3 rate at the expense of faith
(Will probably need to recharge after 10 seconds)


devs intentionally made monks less powerful then they were at aoe1. And I like that decision.

Maybe you should consider trying that game?
I mean I remember there was A campaign scenario you start with 2 monks only… :smiley:

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Isn’t that the scenario that’s broken due to ai difficulty?

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No idea. I’ve never bought aoe1 de. I’ve only played the original. (Yes! I’m old!)

e=mc2 trooper
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