Ability to create roads in your civ while is muiltipalyer

anyone else want this as an option? love building up buildings and making my empire look really cool would like to see roads though.

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since they are automatically created I dont think that wil lbe possible

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I see no benefit in allowing players to create anything in a match that is strictly visual and has no impact on gameplay. Therefore, if players were able to create roads, the roads would have to be functional.

But functional roads, while a common enough refrain from players, would be terribly misguided in an Age game. Roads crisscrossing the map would be ugly and difficult to intuitively design, such as how to handle opposing roads intersecting, enemies travelling on others’ roads, etc.)

We considered adding roads to AoEO when we were designing the Romans (and there were lots of requests for us to lean into the Roman Roads side of things). But ultimately, it would have been a mistake. We ended up having the Engineer unit create its own unique building, called a Millarium, that sort of harkened back to Roman Roads without actually scarring up the map visually.

In real life, Millaria were stone pillars precisely placed along roads that contained helpful information for logistics, such as distances and directions between destinations across the Empire. Quite a few are still standing today. In AoEO, the Roman Millarium buffs the movement speed of friendly military units within a radius.


People who loves scenario editor will like it and Will be helpful to create good custom campaigns. But people who likes PVP, maybe it not their thing.


yeah i guess the average player it wouldnt be practical at all in a pvp match. when my brothers and i play we like to build a strong economy and build our cities up before we go full on attack mode lol its sometimes hours before we attack making for 7 to 10 hours total pvp match. im not sure who else plays like that but we do and we’ve built some awesome looking civ towns.

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we watched the game and soon realized that it’s the era of empires and that’s great !!!

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we watched the game and soon realized that it’s the era of empires and that’s great! Era is Era, nothing else matters!! we are seeing the essence of the Age of empires!!! Age Very good!!

I think it would be great if it would add movement speeds to units using them.

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Has i see it, just allow players to build neutral roads that connect ro each other and allow siege weapons to attack and destroy the roads.

Maybe give 25% more movement speed to units who use roads.

Make sure units only use road when it is the shortess way to go and put units in a line formation, when using road.


I do not like auto generated roads and decoration, that has literaly no effect in game.