Ablity to Hide UI for OLED TV/Monitor users to protect screen burn-in

We need the ablity to Hide in game UI for OLED TV/Monitor users to protect screen burn-in… I really don’t want to have the AOE UI permanently burned into my TV/Monitor…

Maybe a hotkey option to hide and unhide the UI so that we can protect the screen from burn-in during long hours of play… Or even a UI option to fade the UI when it hasn’t been used for a little bit would be very nice…

But I think the best solution would be a hotkey button that you toggle so that the ui disappears when you don’t need it… I don’t need a map permently burned into my screen.

Also, Maybe as another option is the ability to shift the UI to different locations on the screen like top or bottom… And an option to make the UI smaller so it takes up less of the screen.


Hey there,

While there’s not currently an option to do this in-game, I do understand the concern with potential OLED burn-in over static UI elements and will share this with the team for consideration.


Yes please! haha Especially since this game is so easy to play for hours on end lol

Thanks for sharing!!


Could this really even happen nowadays? If so, why didn’t the Windows taskbar and its icons get burned into my monitor when I used Windows 7 for, like, 7 years, and Windows 10 now for a couple years. Neither at home, nor at work… even when it sits (at work) at the bottom of my screen for 8+ hours a day, each day, for years?

I’ve used the same monitor for like 9 or 10 years now, and don’t see any burn-in from anywhere; despite many upon many hours with the Windows taskbar visible, or playing AoE, etc. And it wasn’t really that expensive of a monitor to begin with

Haven’t you ever heard of OLED screens?


What is OLED? Haha, yes, of course I’ve heard of them. Don’t own one, so don’t know their downfalls at present. Even when I bought my LCD monitor, “burn in” was a concern of mine and of that time (10 years ago). In my experience, though, I’ve not had any issue at all with it; despite many hours of AoE gaming. So, just wondered if it was a concern at all the past decade of newer screens, since I haven’t shopped for one.

Regardless, the OP said “monitors,” too – they didn’t say ‘only OLED,’ so if the problem is only OLED, then cool. Either way, if ‘burn-in’ on screens is still a thing and OLEDs are more susceptible to it than other flat-screen techs, then sure, make the panel hide-able:

  • " "We need the ablity to Hide in game UI for OLED TV/Monitor users to protect screen burn-in…

Just still seems odd that I’ve never seen burn-in on any LCD screen I’ve had or worked with, despite the burn-in fears.

LCD’s can have some minimal burn-in or mostly just a bit of image retention but usually goes away after a little… Much more rare on TV’s or monitors with LCD tech but it is not impossible…

This is a great link talking about OLEDS

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