About Chinese architectures in the trailer

First, thanks for your staff working on this AoE games to continue the legend of empires.
As a Chinese I bring some major complaint about Chinese civ in AoE4 on Chinese domestic

game community.
The Chinese city wall model or image, is much not so accurate.
You designed the building to be Ming dynasty style, but Ming city walls rarely have octagonal turrets, and the turrets are not in the right position… In a word, the wall model has many defects. I hope you can study the Ming Dynasty city wall of Xi 'an, China as a reference. In addition, the fact that China and Japan share the same model in the age of empires II has been criticized in China, I hope this time the empires IV will not have such problems, so that Chinese players will feel happier, thank you

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In the game, the walls of China are a little westernized, and a little different from traditional Chinese buildings.

The color of that tile is really strange. The color matching is a little out of place