About dragon trees in arabia

Arabia provides random maps of three different “Biomes”: Grass and pines, sand and palms, and then there is the Africa ambiented biome.
This topic is about that type of arabia seeds. Specifically about the trees that generates there.

The dragontree is found and only found in the island of socotra, south of Yemen. It is a rare, unique and certainly beautyful tree, not be found anywhere else in the world. So I wonder: Why is it the only kind of tree in every african ambienced arabia?
I’m not complaining about how it doesn’t make sense thematicaly only. I’m bringing this here because in this game and in my opinion these trees look bad. The top of the trees being much wider than the trunk looks bad from from the perspective of the game.
Acacia trees are already present in other african based maps, and they look much better and fitter to be there along with rhinos, zebras and elephants.

Look at this
(Ignore the darker illumination. I forgot to turn off my night mod)

This is a screen from an editor test with dragon trees

Now, replacing them with acacias

As you can see, they look much better and cleaner, and make more sense for an african ambienced map.

Being Arabia the most played map by far, I think its aesthetic design is of extreme importance. So, my petition for devs is to replace dragon trees with acacias in african based Arabia seeds.

That’s it. Thank you for passing by.

I’m pretty sure acacia and baobab trees were more used previously, but people thought it was too hard to tell where there’s a hole in the woodline, so they were replaced with dragon trees in a lot of maps. I don’t know if that’s exactly the case of arabia though.