About Dutch South African revolt nerf

Why do I need to kill al my settlers to be able to spawn CDBs ?
It doesn’t make sense … At least transform them into Colonial Militia. There is a 60x100 coins lost investment for me and I need to kill them in batches until I get all my 60 CDBs out from the 3 Town Centers. And that is another cost of 60x120 food. Meanwhile the enemy can go to Imperial and benefit for all the ups that Imperial age can offer.

That’s quite a nerf for Dutch SA … I don’t get any strong units as infinite shipments and how am I suppose to fight against Imperial Units and Imp. economies with Guard Units and a relative decent eco ?

60 CDBs are equal to 70 regular settlers and with the 60 killed regular villagers, idk if it is worthy …
I spend 3000 resources to Revolt, followed by an investment of 7200 food into CDBs just to receive an extra Factory and an extra 10 regular settlers from my initial settler pop.

That’s 10200 resources in total but don’t forget that for every queued CDB I need to delete a regular villager first, therefore I lose the resources that the regular villager would have gathered in those 30s required for a CDB to be spawned.

Is this a bug or something intended ?

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I have a feeling that this change was overlooked. Because that just means that SA is useless, and they specifically designed the CDB card to boost the SA’s eco.


I was playing with dutch and revolting to sa quite a bit but now this is bad choice to revolt into you drop in eco if you want to 3 tc boom with CBD you are losing villager seconds when you are making new ones when you are deleting vills and you basicaly need to create 140 worth of villagers 60 normal and 60 expensive CBD for first few min your eco is worse than it would be if not revolting to SA, not to mention the extra micro needed to make and delete vills if you delete 10 vills to make it easy when you are fighting you just cripple your eco, paying for new vills and not making any ress with the absent vills. Even on top of the global 10% eco buff the economy of SA just got demolished, the thing that makes them viable to revolt into, just got gutted hard.
IF this is intended change than SA has nothing to offer over just regular imp age up. 60 vill eco cant compensate for weeker units that can never ger imp upgrades.

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You can only spawn 30 CdB with the Hugenots card. Where are you getting this 60 CdB from?

Also these 30 are on top of the 60 settlers that you have already

in this patch that card doesnt do anything but let you train CBD the information is wrong
you are capped at 60 now even when sending that card, and to get CBD you need to kill vills to replace them

Its an okay nerf, you have 3 factories and can make 30 CdB, probably you wont have 60 vils by the time you revolt. But if you have you can kill them selectively.

30 CdB + 3 factories + the eco gathering bonus + 9 Banks is still excelent imho.

its not that you can get 30 CBD it enables you to get 60 CBD and from testing i can say even 60 CBD eco with banks is barely more then normal eu civ eco while being locked at age 4 units