About future DLCs

Good morning! This is mi first conversation and I’m here to say that I think that Turks deserve a campaign in a DLC against balcanic civs like Albanians (Skanderbeg) and Moldovans (Stephen the Great) obviously with Mehmet II…The balcanic civs have fought each other as much as they fight against Turks and their vassals that could be represented by Tatars (good variety of enemies and situations in their campaigns); The Turks campaign could be one of the most epic campaigns in the history of Aoe 2: think about the siege of Constantinople and the struggle between Mehmet and Dracula! Also, i think that the Celts need a “standard” campaign with Robert The Bruce (poor variation of enemies, but fascinating protagonist). I was even thinking about a Swiss Confederation campaign, stretching from the unification of the first three Cantons to te battle of Nancy. What are your toughts?


Shut up and take money!!

But in all seriousness, a Turkish and Albanian campaign would be a fantastic edition to the game.

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Thinking of new campaigns dose not make sense. You cannot know how many new civs they will produce in next DLC, I guess 3 new civs will be produced and each of them will acquire a campaign, and no chance for old civs to obtain a campaign.

If albanians are added into the game the rest of the balkan country players will be at war in the forums.

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Just read through the old serbia civi concept topics.I remember one guy even saying skanderbeg is a serb and the whole story about him being albanian is made up by communist russia.