About half of portraits are unlocked as weekly reward

While in other RTS games like SC2 you need to complete complex achievements (e.g. finish campaign on brutal difficulty or finish mission X without doing Y), in AoE3 about half of portraits are unlocked by basically doing nothing except start the game once a week.

Why not add a challenge behind every portrait?

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Because AoE3 DE has a lot more portraits than most games, and they are there as an incentive to play the game, at least once every week.


I got two of these in one day once haha

Here’s the list of SC2 Portraits: Portraits/StarCraft II | StarCraft Wiki | Fandom

And yes, there’s a challenge behind each one. And not just unlocked “as weekly reward”. This is no excuse.


Excuse for what? An excuse would imply the game is doing something wrong with the portrait system, and it is not.

Imo it is, that’s why I opened this thread. And also they’re an incentive to start the game but not necessarily to play one. At this point, they might as well just give us all the portraits at once. There’s no point in locking them if all you have to do is start the game.

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If one starts the game, he will likely also play at least one match.
Why collect portraits for a game you do not want to play?

To be fair i would like some hard missions/challenges with portraits as a reward.

The new 50 state challenge is kind of a joke (and yes i know these are supposed to be easy so that any player, regardless of skill can finish them), so a real challenge with a portrait would be nice.

One that i did to gain the acheivment was win in a 1vs1 in hardest without aging up.

Because the original game had them for free unlocked.

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Then just unlock the one from DE for free as well. A portrait is not gonna motivate anyone to play the game once a week if he does not like the game:

And if he does like the game, he’s not gonna need a portrait as motivation to start the game.

So either just unlock them all at once as in Vanilla or introduce hard challenges so players can use the portraits to show off. The current system just makes no sense because imo it is not an incentive at all. Players who actually wanna play the game do not need a portrait as incentive and players who do not want to play the game also do not give a fck about a virtual portrait. The current system is unnecessarily locking content.

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People really like to complain about everything. It’s incredible that someone is arguing about the avatar system…

  • what is a hard challenge lol, most of the old players will never bother doing boring stuffs that block their playing time, so only lower players and solo players will unlock it with your system.
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I dont think this is a complaint but a suggestion. Its adding more to the game.

There are several types of old players, and there are new players, the game can maintain free avatars, lock some avatars behind easy and normal challenges, and lock some avatars behind some hard challenges.

What is a hard challenge? For KaiserKlein probably there arent any. For the regular player can be: “Acheive a certain Elo Rank”
“win 1vs3 on Hard” or “1vs2 on Hardest”;
“Revolt within 12 mins and win a game with Hati or Barbary coast”;
“win 10 multiplayer games in a row”
“Win a multiplayer or Hardest or Expert game without exiting the exploration age”

I mean, on the top 200 in the ladder, there’s like nobody that would do the solo challenge for avatars.

So exept if it’s only multiplayer challenges (avatar are for multi), it’s only the low playerbase that will have the “hard challenge avatar”. That’s why the actual system to give it free is better to me. ^^

I mean, I’m pretty sure in everygame people needs to unlock things by doing tons of boring mini-challenges, the majority finds it boring and don’t want to do it, or feel they waste their time doing it if they real want the stuff.

I don’t really consider it a complaint but rather feedback. I don’t care enough about the portraits that it really bothers me. An example of a complaint would be the missing sound when somebody resigns. That actually bothers me and hasn’t been fixed in almost a year. But different topic.

The world does not revolve around the top 200. And the simple solution is a good mix of both multiplayer and singleplayer challenges, as is also the case in SC2. What is a “hard” challenge? Go take a look at other RTS games. They actually do many things better than AoE and vice versa.

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Sound is actually a problem. Lakota, Americans and Hauds all have unit sound file issues - Cant understand why they are still whispering