About Hidalgo's Spanish AI Dialogues

Hello! I’ve have just a little question for the devs. Is there any reason at all to make Miguel Hidalgo AI speak castellan spanish and not mexican spanish in the spanish version of the game?
Don’t mind me, I respect voice acting, It’s just it feels a little odd to have a mexican speaking like a spaniard when there are so many talented mexican voice actors out there.

I’m really enjoining México!


Well, I’m only thankful that they sound more latino than español now.

Wish I could say the same for the rest of latino americanos :laughing:

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Am I the only one that think that Spanish words for units are weird in not-spanish versions?? Why they dont translate them??
We dont have “longbowman” or “Rocket” in lther languages, we have their respectively translated words.

We have Courer des Bois…

One unit or 2, not the compmete arsenal…