About how ranked works towards inactivity

I have noticed that after not playing for 15 days on my nickname “Rodrigus” suddenly the last game that I have won, now appears as if I have lost it and thus the points are now taken from my account.
If you check my profile here: https://aoe2.net/#profile-76561198113905630 you can see that I have streak +2, yet if you check it here: https://aoe2.club/player/76561198113905630 it shows like as if I have lost that last game.
I checked other accounts with more than 15 days of inactivity and with positive streak, and the same thing happened in every of them.

I don’t mind if that’s the system, but I’d just like to know how it actually works.

Dont trust aoe2.club. They have some issues:

Some match result are missing due to a recent update in AOE2:DE.

This affect match result history and also the win ratio for civs & maps. I’m looking for a solution to fix this issue asap.

24/04/2020 - 03:30 PM GMT+2

I see that your rating at the start of your last rated game was 1860. Now it is 1861.

It seems like you just won you last game and some part of the calculation will be rating decay for inactivity (maybe only if you rating is about some number). The exact calculation of Elo is unknown. I made a thread about this calculation, but until now no respons from devs.

Another note: This are just third party sites. They get data and transform the data. They can do thing wrong, so they display things wrong.

For my thread, go to:

Actually on my account you can see that the highest rating was 1879, and that was after winning that last match, that’s why I’ve noticed it that my rating was lower, and I haven’t played since, so despite aoe2.club not being accurate, this information can be seen even in aoe2.net.

Yeah, it seems to be a very weird system and there’s no official information about it. I also find super weird and kinda nonsensical the fact that when a very high rated player loses against a low rating player, the higher might lose only 16 pts but the lower player might win 24 or even more… with that kind of rating system the high rated players will have inflated ratings.

Actually that makes sense, this is how elo system works

There is an ELO decay if you are above 1500 1v1 Elo and stay inactive for a while. I don’t know about the details though…