About Levelling/Card Issue

Hello I am huge enthusiast of the game since 2008s, I restarted again after 2010-2011. Loving the game thank you so much for the changes, I definitely feel great while playing AOE DE. I even spent around 70-80h in game in a short period of time, because 10 years is a long time as you can imagine! USA Event is great, thank you for removing 3 games per day, thanks to you I could finish the event. While finishing the event I could research about the information before the game, which helped me a lot to understand more about USA history.

First paragraph was for devs and people who worked hard to make this great game.

I enjoy playing all kind of cities, leveling them like I used to when I was a child. I admire the game, but why do we have to increase our level for? Why can’t we open cards as long as we reach a new level? I like to decorate my home cities with new features but I also like to excitement of opening new cards as long as I level up. Right now there are no reason to level cities except decorations. The difference between 1 level and 100 level is only decorations…

I am really thankful for this great game but I would appreciate if we can bring back the old card system. Not opening cards as we level up just kills the mood.

Best regards

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Card leveling was removed for multiplayer to be more even between new and old players.

You can still level up and unlock cards in campaign


You are totally right, I personally prefer the new system


The old system was unfair to new players. No one would ever send the 2 villagers card instead of the 3 villagers, but before you had to unlock the 3 villagers card. It can be fun to level up to unlock the card, but in the meantime, you were in an unfair game.

Keep in mind most people did not like the old system for that reason.


It is unfair for new player on multiplayer. Until AoE 3 de came out I played age 3 on single player and that was fun to level up, but switching to multi player when your single player home cities are over 100 is just annoying to have to start all over again

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Thank you but I feel like there must be a difference between new and old players. As I can see some people thinks the same but why don’t we remove leveling so? It just becomes a private pvp server with nothing to do. You don’t need to level up, you don’t have to make an effort.

There must be a difference between me who just started recently and with a player who has been playing since months. I don’t want to have same cards as they do, I want to work to get his cards.

I hope there are devs who would agree with my opinion and takes an action towards this problem…

Best regards

But there is a difference: they are a much better player than you.

You want to not only be a worse player you want to have a literally weaker civilization to play in disadvantage on purpose…?

And anyone that wants cards can simple cheese the game to farm as much XP that they want, or simple edit the files and put any city to whatever level they want.


Getting more cards won’t make me better versus real players, so why don’t we remove leveling as I asked earlier?

I think my point is being misunderstood by players who wants to have everything right away. I seen the posts about decrease in population, people don’t realise that when you have everything you don’t have anything to work for. The reason population went up during USA event because people had to work for something.

As I said earlier, I hope devs realise this as I did, and change it.

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the answer is simple, it taked 1000 hours of play to unlovck everything. we dont live 500 years


One of the reasons AoE3 died a month after release, was that new players could not compete, and just got stomped on, by players taht no-lifed the game to unlock everything.
If you can only send 1 Falconet while the opponent can send 2, you are only at 50% of his shipment efficiency, and most oftenly lost because of it.

This, in turn, made people quite teh MP in droves, and is one of the main reasons why AoE3 never beat AoE2 in terms of popularity.
Removing the levelling helped 3DE a lot, it is much more healthy than 3CE, from before DE launched.


Yet playing the same game since 13 years; long time to open every cards.

I am confused, if everyone started at the same time how can there be new players? Isn’t everyone new player during that time? I was playing at that time and I had no problem or never heard of that problem whatsoever.

If my opponent can send 2 ships I could just wait for a bit more to unlock his card. Also I never read and heard that people quit AOE3 because of cards. Both games has different mechanics, the reason people didn’t main AOE3 was totally different.

Apart from all that why don’t we all insist devs to remove leveling so? I am sorry everyone but you are just thinking about not bringing old cards system back because you think it would be impossible to unlock all cards yet playing this great game of AOE3 since 13 years.

Some people says that it would take forever to unlock (yet most of people are 50+ level for each civ), some people says take it is unfair for new players (yet most new players doesn’t play ranked or even multiplayer), someone said people quit AOE3 because cards.

Anyway I hope devs can make a comment about it or at least take an action towards this problem.

Best regards

Not everyone starts at the same time, and even if they did, not everyone can play teh same amount of hours to unlock stuff.
RTS is about Strategy and control, not about grinding for better cards.

In theory, but in practice people just abandoned the game after losing 5 to 10 times in a row to better cards, which also meant they were not proggressing.


Why AoE III didn’t success as Aoe II have multiple causes, and for sure one of them is the HC level system.

It was adresses too late with Asyan dynasties, that the HC that you created started with more levels and id you leveled to a HC to a certain level, new HC of different civs would carry that level. Finally with DE, the levels have gone, and was one the selling points. Very few people complained, almost all people welcomed that.

I respect your opinion, but they won’t agree and won’t change the system 100%.

For me, leveling civs only have sense on cooperative, like Starcraft Co-Op missions. But AoE III won’t get such investment.


But it is basically removed, you don’t need to level up anymore to get the cards. The leveling is there just because of Campaign and because some people like to see numbers go up. But by all purposes, leveling is gone from this game.

I think my point is being misunderstood by players who wants to have everything right away. I seen the posts about decrease in population, people don’t realise that when you have everything you don’t have anything to work for. The reason population went up during USA event because people had to work for something.

So why Age of Empires 2 was always and still is the most played age of empires if the game never had anything to “work for” ?

The USA event literally give you a new Civ. Everyone want to play new civs.


I would like to thank everyone who gave their opinion about it. Even though I am sad that some people can’t see the beauty of old card system, every opinion matters. I hope devs can figure out something for this (or remove Card System at all, because it has no point).

Thank you everyone, let’s wait and see…

Best regards

Thank you for taking in this good way, although we disagree.
You’re welcome

The leveling system made sense in a PvE setup, where you’d get cards and play some sort of co-op or something. But AoE3 never had a strong PvE community, there’s just vs AI and campaign.If there was some sort of PvE ladder, like in sc2, then leveling cards would make sense there (your enemies would get automatically harder as you get more cards).

PvP would of course be with all cards unlocked. All PvP systems that hide power boosts behind progression are inherently bad.