About minimum requirements

Hello, I was wondering if a laptop with a i5-10210U (without dedicated graphics) would be abtle to play DE in multiplayer in full HD at a decent framerate. Any of you have a similar setup? What kind of framerate do you get in multiplayer and what settings do you use? I am looking for a laptop and wanted it to be able to run AoE2 DE multiplayer decently.

i run with ryzen 7 mobile 3700u and vega 10 graphics intergrated. Run between 30-60 fps depending on the situation and amount of ppl playing. Gets low sometimes when others are lagging to around 10-20 fps. I run on high visual mode, and dont use enhanced graphics pack. 1v1 and 2v2 runs well. 3v3 is ok, and 4v4 is cutting it too close to unplayable at some times when there’s a ton of military moving around in the game