About monasteries and special technologies

Idk if anyone has ever mentioned BUT… in aoe3DE i remember that every civ had special technologies in their monastery that were soo cool and unique.

In aoe4 personally i never build it because Wololo mechanic is broken I mean its barely impossible to achieve. And unit healing is very time-consuming and slow… the technologies are to heal a lil faster and that one that gathers resources after picking up relics but still… im not fully convinced I guess that if they added at least ONE special technology to each monastery it’d be sooo refreshing and cool


Monsasteries, NO!

Delhi Mosques, YES!

Bog standard monk is a scrawny guy in antiquated PJs with a stick to help him walk (WEAK).

Delhi scholar is a marathon runner in the most blessed of track suits (STRONG).

Scholars running around with Relics as soon as Castle Age hits is one of the most rewarding parts of a Delhi advantage. The utter hilarity of actually getting a successful WOLOLO on some villagers, or an army, during an attack or just because you had the S.C.H.O.L.A.R. behind enemy lines.

You can check my replays (same name-in game as here) for some examples, even if I am a low rank.

I didnt understand anything haha I was saying that monasteries of all civs should have one extra new technology to add variety to the game haha I truly dont know what you are talking about sorryyyy

I replied to this part.

But, yes, unique techs for monks would be cool as well. At the moment, only Delhi gets a really cool unique tech for their Scholars (monks) giving them super speed like cavalry.