About music. Aoe or Ror?

Does some of you know if they will get the music from original Age of empire?
Or the horribles one from rise of rome ?

Seriously, the original one are masterpiece.
You can really feel the “tribe” and mystic part.

And there is some interesting evolution in them, rythmin the game !

no reaction? ^^

I prefer the music of the first although there is some good theme in the expansion, this afternoon i play a lan game. I’ll wait to take a look and later i put my final opinion! :wink:

I think both aoe and ror has great music. Though aoe has a better dawn of humanity exploration feel.

For the definitive edition they will compose new music based on the old tracks. Im not sure but I think they will take from both aoe and ror.

They’re both great, imo. The re-recorded music they showed in the most recent dev diary blew my mind! I can’t wait to hear the other new tracks.

I like the AoE1 music more than the RoR, the RoR music i mean always i dance 1970 in a disco. (Sry for that) :blush:

My thoughts on this: Remaster both, and put them in there, plus add some extra AoE-style tracks. More music = better

click on the image to get to the OST.

For me, AoE original for playing AoE civs, RoR for playing RoR civs. I like them both, have warm feelings for them both, but strongly agree that the overall vibe of each one is very different. AoE fits the nascent world setting, RoR is much more like “angry armies subjugating the unruly tribes” to me.

And something mildly related: AoK came out in my country WITHOUT background music, only the main menu theme. Imagine my surprise when all these years later I first ran AoK HD on Steam that obviously plays music. “Wow this thing has a soundtrack.”