About Oprinchniks

Oprichniks are Op.

Personally I can’t play with Russia anymore and I started telling people to change faction.
The reason is clear: pretty much every Russian will start using the Oprichnik strategy: breaking 4-5-6 walls in under 30 seconds and will ruin the game for everyone. I’m glad they removed the “box” thing, but still: Oprichnik deal way too much damage to buildings.
I understand a lot of people will tell me that it’s their purpose and they are ok with it, but i found them so OP. Every game with a russian will be over as soon as the russian starts using the Oprichnik strategy.

I thought that a possible solution would be increasing their pop count: making the same as a cannon, like 4-5 each. It would help: people could only raid with Oprichnik using 20-30 of them and they would deal less damage.

Of course if my cavalry could properly follow and take down the Oprichnik, this wouldnt be a problem at all. But when i order my cav units to kill Oprichnik, they will stop after a while, stuck between buildings or with other friendly units.

It’s effective only for buildings and settlers. It’s not effective in other battles.

It is better to build sufficient defenses and minimize damage.

Its price per unit is 90f 60g, which is more expensive and less damage than Cossack, Therefore, it is too greedy to stop them with less resources.

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They are slow and relatively weak heavy cavalry that are easily felled by a small contingent of dragoons or similar. Heck, you can beat them with a smaller force of melee heavy cavalry.

They’re slow raiding cavalry. If the Russian has invested into them, they’ve wasted a bunch of resources on a coin-flip strategy that leaves them with no defense.


why u dont use dragoons to kill them 4-5-6 on each wall? 5 oprichnik take a lot of time to destroy walls

of course oprich are decisive, do you think a russian is gonna iwn with strelet destroying walls?

same as cannoon like 4-5 each? omg this is ridiculous, i would never create an oprichnik again

just build stables near ur home city inc ase oprichnink invade, and bbe sure they dont kill ur stables. wall them up too

if a russian atacks with 30 oprichnik or 50 then its really difficult to stop them, you have to wall up very good and have barracks os stables to create antioporicnik. near your wonders, militar buildings and urban center

if you dont do anytghing of this, then i would be like a heart attack, all ur villagers would die and if the heart dies all die

but is not so difficult to defend from them, unless you dont create army fast enough, before they kill your houses or militar buildings or factory, so just be prepared to defend in case they do this, always think taht 20 oprichnik could be close your territory

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I don’t see the problem. Make some goons or rodeleros and they are dead. Plus. Imagine the rest of Russia basicly sucks. Imagine Spain with unction and lancers vs russian infantry on third age LOL.

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Oprichniks are indeed OP!!!
—>>> Especially in teamplay 2v2 or 3v3.

If you play against a team with a Russians make sure to beat them in mid game. If you wait until late game the Russians will always mass Oprichnik.

In late game you can not defend against it because the other players attack you at the other end of the map. So in a lot of cases your counter units are adapted to that attack. The russian will mass Oprichnik and walk trough your walls at the other side of the map in no time and destroy your factories. You can make pikes/dragoons or whatever, your factories are down before you destoy the mass Oprichnick.

The next batch of Oprichnik will destroy factoriers of your teammates or your own complete eco. At AGE 5 Oprichnik have to much HP and destory all your buildings in no time. To hard to counter. If you can counter mass oprichnik then it’s a Russian player that does not know how to use them.

In teamplay you can just attack from center and the Russian player splits mass oprichnik in 2 and attack left and right side of map. You can’t counter or micro that. You will always be to late and the Russian Oprichnik will just eat away your eco. … game over …

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Post-imperial Oprichniks are indeed a force to be feared, but you wont see those often.

I suppose we are only talking about NR Treaty or games where people turtle a lot, because you are talking about 5-6 walls and factories.

Back in the days, I was a NR 40 min player and Oprichniks were as good as they are now, but we were dealing fine with them. I remember being way more annoyed after a Shogun sneak in my city and started spamming units in there or when an army of Cuirassiers went it and it take everything to take care of those tanks…

They have weaknesses (choke point and body blocking are an easy way to slow them), but in team game you should have the one with the best range anti-cav build around your base to react to those. Remember that oprichniks are expensive and slow to train (and terrible at anything but killing settlers and buildings, maybe artillery). So when they push in, they are sacrificing any defence on their town. If sacrificing a part of your town mean that you can destroy the Russians allies and start moving in their base, that might win you the game.

Also, I have to point the fact that Russians dont have that many options late game. They have watered down versions of regular units (Strelets, Cossaks, cav archers) and worst base units (-20% HP and attack halbs and musks) than other civs. So doing the slow push on the frontline might not be at their advantage, as cheap cost (the trade off for those bad stats) is not as relevant late game.

Finally, I dont agree with the premise that using oprichniks and starting to raid ruins the game for everybody. If you are playing a classic game, that is your mistake for letting them get those. If you are playing treaty, well you will have to learn to deal with them: people learned own to do that 10 years ago, I am sure you can figure it too.


Oprichniks like Cuirs have been nerfed. Russia can’t instantly make orpichs anymore. And it is very easy to defend oprichs. If you have a wall and you see them coming which is clear when you see them as Cav box is no longer a thing. Then you just body block and kill them. Oprichs cost 2 pop, 90f 60g plus they’re slow and bring no usefulness to Russia which is not a strong civ. If you see oprichs killing your buildings. That is what the unit does.


its price per pop is 75 res, which is very cheap.

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If you completely can’t defend Opri, how do you play with Lakota?

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Oprichniks are fine, they don’t need a nerf or buff. Well balanced unit with a sole purpose of screw up the enemy economy


Been only playing Russia since 2012 -

Oprichniks are fine. Plenty of times have I spammed opris into peoples’ bases. It’s hard for a Russian player to decimate your entire eco if you have several military buildings laying right inside your eco. Just spam goons, halbs, or other anti-cav units and they’ll be gone in minutes. Opris just wanna hit your factories and villagers, and they’re not running anywhere else if you have 20-30 anti-cav units running around in your eco. Just anticipate Russia using opris and have your anti-cav upgraded before then.

Portugal is one of the worst civilizations to raid. Their goons hurt so much. Smart Portugal players always protect their vital assets and try to block my opris between cramped buildings.


Siege damage of cavalry in general could use a slight reduction.

It really isn’t fun when fast units come in and snipe buildings. Cmon siege units should be slow.

cuirassier, Indian Elefants, or lakota can all do it too, not only Russians.

I agree with you. But is very boring to manage the fight with goons against Oprichniks . When the goal is destroy something, a factory for example, we need to constantly put the goons to follow the Oprichniks .

portugal can manage them very well, specially using 200% hitpoints for team walls, wall up your factories and everything

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To be fair you can’t defend against max upgraded Tokola warriors with the new ways siege damage upgrade from the arsenal. The moment the Lakota hit imperial you’re done and all the dragoons/pikes in the world won’t be able to save you.

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Maybe Oprichniks are OP in treaty. But it’s not OP in supremacy.
1v1 Russians is the weakest civilization. You can easily defeat them by cavalries.
2v2 or 3v3 is the same issue. Russians cannot deal with a lot of cavalries.
Especially, Russians, Ottomans, and Inca cannot deal with many cavalries killing their villagers.

Don’t be afraid of Oprichniks. You can use Dragoons to kill them and kill their villagers.
If they have Skirmisher or Strelet, you can use Heavy Cavalries.
Cavalry speed always wins Infantry speed. If you cannot defeat their Infantries by your cavalries, you just run away and kill their villagers.

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Aztek worth than russia

Can confirm. I played Russia against Lakota and lost because calvary is Russia’s worst nightmare. Strets and musks are too weak to counter rifle riders and axe riders in Age 2. Send 9 cossack and they still get eaten up by the rifle riders if you have to engage.

Go to age 3, and they are raiding and raiding and raiding, stopping your boom. They also buff their cav, so 300-450 HP cavalry are killing your 275HP cossack, 150 HP musks, and 90 HP strelets. And cav archers are too expensive and get outnumberd by the mass rifle riders from Age 2.

Try to wall up while transitioning to Age 2, but they have rifle riders scouting everywhere.

That was a rough time, lol. Not 1 oprichnick was able to be made that day